Topic: FSB V2.6.1.3 published on June 15th 2008

This version fixes a Localization issue with the Slovenian language.

The offline data parsing function is improved. It can better recognize the date format now.

Two new indicators are added:
* Ross Hook - this is an entry point. It appears after three consecutive rising bars (each of them with higher High) and one corrective bar. The entry price is at the top of the highest bar.
* Bar Range - it represents in a histogram chart the bar range of one or more bars.

The help links are redirected to the new online help Wiki - Everyone is welcome to edit or improve it.

The program checks for strategy changes and marks the strategy description as "outdated".

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Re: FSB V2.6.1.3 published on June 15th 2008

Hi when I try to download and install the software it states that the source is corrupted. Can you send me the source file or assist please.



Re: FSB V2.6.1.3 published on June 15th 2008

Try again from the Europian server.
Try also with/without download manager.

Check your computer for viruses. A virus can change the exe and it gives the same error.