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Topic: Wish-List Item Voting

Is is possible to add a feature to the site that allows users to vote for requested/outstanding development items in order to try and get a better feel for the 'most requested' features.

What I am thinking of here is something like www.uservoice.com that Microsoft used very successfully during the development of Visual Studio 2012 (http://visualstudio.uservoice.com), and continue to use for the purposes of community-driven development suggestions.

Not sure if there is something similar in PunBB (or some way to incorporate something similar).

Re: Wish-List Item Voting

Do you have any free alternatives to UserVoice in mind? It might be a good idea to add one

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found this one http://fsb.useresponse.net/ it's a free demo and will be auto deleted in 30 days
Looks cool. Try it out. Tell us what you think smile

(it's a free solution and should be installable on our server)

Re: Wish-List Item Voting

It sounds good. I see chat, file uploads. But I don't know how easy will be to integrate it in our website.

Probably we have to find a common way for registering and log-in in all site parts - forum, wiki, repo, feedback system

I know we can connect wiki (dokuwiki) to forum (punbb), repo already uses forum login system. I don't have an idea how we can integrate this feedback system and if it deserves 500$

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1. It has a free version, i already downloaded it. Did not try to install it yet...
2. Has Facebook. Google and Twitter login integrated.

Free version should have that voting for ideas http://fsb.useresponse.net/responses/ideas/status/all
which seems pretty much enough

Maybe I look into some other options later

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Re: Wish-List Item Voting

yavor99 wrote:

Do you have any free alternatives to UserVoice in mind? It might be a good idea to add one

No sorry ... web programming is not really my thing.

I have used the free version of UserVoice before and have been very happy, and it is possible to embed this into the site I believe, although not sure how the authentication process would work.

Is it possible to to add a poll to PunBB (as per http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb13/ … s/pun_poll) and add the polling options only in a 'Feature Requests' part of the forum?

Re: Wish-List Item Voting

PunBB polling doesn't looks well. It adds too much options to the post screen.

We can try this useresponse.net or simply to vote to requests by Like/Dislike them. (Disliking goes to the author and is not a good option!)

Re: Wish-List Item Voting

I'll think about it... It might turn out super easy to make a simplistic idea-voting based on the repo system..