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-Offers Welcome Bonuses (up to 5000 USD)
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Everyone can become a millionaire with InstaForex!
InstaForex has already proven itself as one of the best brokers  worldwide. Numerous prizes and awards, more than a million accounts of  clients from all over the world – that is the best evidence of broker's  merits. Every day we diligently improve our services to make trading  with InstaForex not only comfortable but also beneficial. That is why  high achievements of our clients are the best award for the company.

Recently we told about an astounding success of trader millionaire  Akhmad Arief who managed to earn $1,000,000 just in two weeks. And now  the story repeats, but this time the Lady Luck has picked up Sergei  Kovalenko from Russia. He has not only achieved Akhmad’s record but even  improved it up to $1,500,000!


The chart depicts the dynamics of Sergei’s trading balance. Since  November 13, 2012 and within two weeks the trader was demonstrating a  stable increase in profit. Later there were some insignificant losses  and then an incredible hike in earnings during the first days of  December. As of December 4, at 17:00 the balance hit $1,464,992.92  million. The rest of the month was more or less successful for Sergei  but at the end of December the profit was lost.

"Prolonged and laborious work eventually helped me to successfully  enter the market and take profit. Of course, I have made many mistakes,  but now I have got a deeper understanding of my actions; I can  rationally consider my abilities and knowledge. As the result, I have  new goals!" - Sergei shares his impressions.

Unfortunately, new millionaire could not keep the victory for long  and quite soon the balance started to decrease and the cherished sum of  money was lost. However, Sergei is not in despair, he is analyzing his  actions and is getting ready to conquer another high of $2,000,000.

"The luck is short-lived, you cannot count on it - only work, studies  and understanding the market can bring good results. I have experienced  that myself."

InstaForex wishes Sergei to achieve new goals. We hope that every  company’s client will find the way to successful trading gaining full  support from InstaForex.


[center]Sergei's Kovalenko Interview[/center]

InstaForex: How long have you been on Forex?
Sergei: I started my way on Forex in late 2004 after hefty losses  within HYIPs. By the way, I’m still studying; I keep attending various  training courses, etc. Trading is not a game for me, but a job.

InstaForex: Which trading platform do you employ?
Sergei: I mostly trade using MetaTrader 4.

InstaForex: Do you pay attention to analytical reviews when trading?
Sergei: Yes, I definitely do. I actually mull over plenty of  information before I decide to open a trade. All factors matter, even  those related to astrology.

InstaForex: What leverage do you trade with?
Sergei: Leverage depends on the amount of your deposit. As a rule, I start with the largest leverage possible with my broker.

InstaForex: How could you explain the fact that you made a fortune with a relatively small initial deposit?
Sergei: It’s a result of a daily grind. Thanks to hard work, I  managed to successfully enter the market and lock the profit in. I did  make a lot of mistakes, but through time I have grown more aware,  concentrated. Moreover, I have developed a sober mind, the ability to  give my skills and knowledge realistic estimates. Now I’ve got new aims  ahead! My nearest target is earning $2 million.

InstaForex: Which currency pairs do you prefer and why?
Sergei: I trade eight currency pairs. This quantity of currency  instruments suits me best, as I have enough time to make profound  analysis and build some forecasts. But I only enter the market if  there’s a clear signal and the time and
date coincide for a certain pair.

InstaForex: Which indicators do you rely on?
Sergei: I’m one of the Gann masters at the online academy, so I prefer Gann methods.

InstaForex: What timeframe do you usually choose?
Sergei: Basically, I opt for H1.

InstaForex: Is this sum exactly what you had planned to earn at the very start?
Sergei: Of course, it’s not. After I lost around $150,000 in HYIPs,  my only dream was to pay the debts. But very soon, in summer of 2012, I  could make as much as $450,000. And that was when I set my first aim —  $1 million. I hit it in

InstaForex: You made huge accomplishment indeed. How do you feel about the loss? What conclusions did you draw?
Sergei: My conclusions are as follows: mistakes are great lessons to  learn; never give up and rush forwards with your head cool! As for the  loss, what can I say... It frustrated me of course, but what makes me  glad and proud is the fact that I DID IT!!! And I will do it again!

InstaForex: Will you go through it all again?
Sergei: No doubt, YES!

InstaForex: If you succeed once again, what will you spend the money on?
Sergei: I will dedicate it to charity. I own a house in Cyprus, and I  already bought a house for my parents too. So, I don’t need anything  for myself.

InstaForex:  What do you think help traders to make money on Forex ― years of practical experience or luck?
Sergei: Luck is evasive; it is not worth relying on. Good results are  fuelled by hard work, studying and understanding the market. This is  what I realized after years of trading.

InstaForex:  Do you consider your profit to be a result of hard work or just a fluke?
Sergei: I don’t mean to brag, but I think it’s the fruit of my labour.

InstaForex:  What would you advise beginners to do?
Sergei: First of all, get rid of illusions like "I will become rich  with $100". You really need to study the basics of the currency market  and find a good teacher, an expert in trading! Jokes aside, all you need  is love trading. As a financier, I’m fond of figures. This realm is my  vocation. And I wish everyone to enjoy the job!

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I think you could publish the contests in here each month

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

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InstaForex extends the list of available payment systems
InstaForex is glad to inform all its customers and partners about a new payment system available for funding trading accounts – Solidtrustpay. With the new system, you will be able to easily transfer funds from your account with Solidtrustpay and in a few minutes see it in your InstaForex trading account.

We keep making our services convenient and beneficial for traders, which is confirmed by more and more payment systems offered and zero commission for transferring funds via Solidtrustpay.

Be with InstaForex, be among the best!

Best Regards,PR Manager
InstaForex Companies Group

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InstaForex recognized as the best broker in Asia once again

According to the results of the 3rd China International Online Trading Expo (CIOT EXPO) held in May 2013, InstaForex has received another prestigious award – the Best Broker in Asia.
The top-notch products and services for customers and partners have enabled InstaForex to maintain its status of the best Forex company on the Asian market for five years already. To date, InstaForex has been awarded as the best broker in Asia 9 times and got a lot of other awards and prizes, including the Best Retail Forex Broker, Best Broker CIS, Best Retail FX Provider, and other nominations.


This award is further proof of our credibility. Thus, the number of our clients and partners has topped 1,000,000 now and keeps consistently increasing.

We would like to thank the administration of the exposition for the granted opportunity and vote of confidence. InstaForex has always strived to satisfy its customers’ needs, so we will keep sticking to the policy of ensuring most favourable conditions and innovative services that meet modern standards.

Best regards, PR Manager / Learn more about InstaForex Company at

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We congratulate Muslims around the world on Eid al-Fitr!
InstaForex Group is honored to congratulate its clients and partners on the Holy occasion of Eid al-Fitr! It is the day that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, which represents the spiritual improvement, kindness, devotion, and purity.

Warm wishes from the whole heart to say: may you have a joyful Eid celebration and may you be showered with happiness, prosperity, good fortune, and peace! Let us wish you virtue, sound health, success, tranquility and all the best!

Eid Mubarak!

Best Regards,PR Manager
InstaForex Companies Group

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I would like to see Instaforex take a long look at the slippage.

Here is a page from MQL5 showing that slippage does not compare favorably with the competition.!tab=reviews

as you can clearly see Instaforex has excessive slippage compared to the competition and perhaps this should be addressed.


My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

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Another contest race by InstaForex is over
Summertime is second to none in terms of holidays, but not for the traders! When the hottest season comes, InstaForex contests hit their fever pitch. Today we present a wrap-up of the tournaments, praise the winners, and announce the results. With every new step the number of contestants increasing, competition is getting more vigorous, and the rivals are more experienced. However, every contest has its winner. It is not enough just to be lucky to get the prize. Here, you have to take the trouble: nothing but your knowledge and skills can guarantee you the best results.

InstaForex Sniper
Anyone can test his skills in a real battle. The record-holder is to get the prize money. Moreover, the participants do not put their own money at risk as the contest is held among demo accounts. This time the top position is held by Sumarsono! He managed to earn the biggest profit. You can register with (for) the following step which is held from August 26, 2013 (GMT +2) until August 30, 2013 (GMT +2).

Trade Wise, Win Device
The luckiest traders are still getting fancy mobile devices from InstaForex. Flawless trading results are not what exactly required for this campaign. Those who have charged their accounts with $500 have all the odds to receive the gadgets. The winner is determined randomly. Now brand-new iPad is waiting for its owner, Fyodor Chetvergov! Benefit from depositing your account, top up your account with $500 and partake in the contest!

Lucky Trader
Every demo account holder is welcome to struggle for the part of a prize pool. Gain the biggest rating based on the sum of all the profitable traders and maybe next time you will take the first place. Today, by a stroke of lucke, (luck) Ahmadom Agha Ahmadi won the contest! InstaForex congratulate (congratulates) you! We are waiting for the new participants and new victories! Register with (for) the next step which will take place from August 26, 2013 (GMT +2) till September 6, 2013 (GMT +2).

Chancy Deposit
It is high time to believe your good luck.Chancy Deposit by InstaForex is a great opportunity to prove that the luck is still out there. Every week a contestant of the Chancy Deposit campaign whose love for FSB is selected randomly gets $1,000 as a prize. This time the winner is Princewill Uzoige. Who is going to be the next? We will soon know! Deposit your trading account with no less than $3,000 and you will be automatically enrolled in the contest.

Learn more about InstaForex contests
Finalists’ photos and comments

Best Regards,PR Manager
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First Demo Account Cabinet by InstaForex
InstaForex is pleased to inform all our operating and would-be clients about launching full-featured multi-functional Client Cabinet for demo accounts. From now on, almost all facilities and instruments of a conventional Client Cabinet are available for traders operating on demo accounts. Demo Account Cabinet is specially designed for novice traders who take initial steps on the currency market.

New Demo Account Cabinet is supposed to help beginning traders not only learn the trading basics and become familiar with software features of MetaTrader 4 platform, but it will also let get to know better all features of a conventional InstaForex Client Cabinet for live trading accounts.

Now regardless of an account type, you can take the whole advantage of the updated interface of InstaForex Client Cabinet. Client Cabinet by InstaForex is truly considered as a universal solution for a modern trader that was accomplished to make trading on the Forex market to the utmost comfortable, easy to understand, and, above all, money-making. Implementing and utilizing our advanced solutions for comfortable trading of our customers has always been the top priority for the InstaForex performance. We hope that new Demo Account Cabinet will become your reliable and helpful advisor in trading like the other services from InstaForex.

To get access to Demo Account Cabinet, you should log in to Client Cabinet on the official InstaForex website entering your demo love for FSB and password.

Trade and make money with InstaForex!

Best Regards,PR Manager
InstaForex Companies Group

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InstaForex meets the wishes of every client!
From now on, all capabilities of the popular advanced trading platform InstaTrader are available to owners of BlackBerry gadgets. InstaForex clients can download at no cost and install the trading platform clicking the link.


The application provides immediate access to the essential trading tools. It enables customers of InstaForex to open and close trades, to get top-rate information, market quotations on a variety of currency pairs, and stock indices. You will be able to look through history and status of current trades, and also to manage your trading account in full from any spot on the globe. The main advantages of trading platform InstaTrader are:

· online charts;
· real time market quotes;
·  trades  opening / closing;
· user-friendly interface;
· low web-traffic usage;
· history of trades;
· profit calculator, and others.

Trading platform InstaTrader for BlackBerry devices means the universal solution for InstaForex clients. Now, you can always use the powerful instrument for operating on the financial market! Your reliable help-mate in trading is in your favorite mobile device!

Best Regards,PR Manager
InstaForex Companies Group

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One more stage came to an end, but new achievements are ahead!
InstaForex gives a chance to everybody regardless of his or her trading experience and financial means. Anyone can become a winner of one of InstaForex contests or campaigns! All you need is aspiration, self-discipline, and a stroke of luck. We would like to congratulate all the traders, who ventured into the competition to win prizes. As usual, only the most worthy and persevering ones earned the right to be the winners. Today, we are glad to announce the next wrap-ups and congratulate the luckiest traders of the past stage!

InstaForex Sniper
Congratulations to Anna Lotish! It was her who managed to show the best results and break the tape. Hard work, right decisions, and deep knowledge helped Anna to head the list. InstaForex would like to congratulate the winner and invite other traders to register for participation in the next stage that will take place on September 23-27, 2013 (GMT+2). Registration is available at the contest’s page.

FX-1 Rally by InstaForex
One of the most thrilling contests became an arena for intense competition. The contest’s participants were making deals on their demo accounts. At the end of this stage, the most successful trader was Nikolai Tretyakov. Congratulations! You can try your hand at the next race and register for participation. It may be you who will get the piece of the pie. The next stage will take place on September 20, 2013 from 00:00 to 23.59 (GMT+2).

One Million Option
Please welcome Andry Gunawan, the winner of the past stage! He managed to outrun other competitors and hit the jackpot! Any demo account holder can be named a winner. All you need is to register for the participation. Your total score totally depends on your options trading skills. Perhaps, next time it will be you who scores the victory. To participate in the contest, which will take place on September 23-27, 2013 (GMT+2), fill in the registration form at the corresponding page of our website.

Trade Wise, Win Device
To compete for up-to-date mobile device, you should replenish your InstaForex live account with $500. The lucky one will be determined by the so-called Device number. This time the fortune smiled to Ibrahim Zaurbekov! He is getting a fancy Blackberry device. Another stage has finished, but you can try your luck at the next race. Do not miss a chance to register for participation in the next stage that will take place from September 30, 2013 to October 11, 2013 (GMT+2).

Learn more about the contests
Comments and photos

Best Regards,PR Manager
InstaForex Companies Group

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InstaForex at F1 Grand Prix in Singapore
From September 20 till 22, InstaForex took part in the racing weekend as an honored guest at one of the most remarkable stages of the FIA Formula World Championship, Singapore Grand Prix that was passing along legendary Marina Bay street circuit. Let us remind you that InstaForex is directly related to the pride of the motor racing being an official partner of the Marussia F1 team.

Singapore Grand Prix is considered as a true pearl of the F1 Calendar as well as Monaco Grand Prix and Belgium Grand Prix. Singapore circuit race unfolds along city streets at night time when both the circuit and the city-state are ablaze with bright lights. Singapore Grand Prix is obviously a memorable event of a global scale.

The racing weekend also hosted the meeting between Dmitriy Savchenko, vice-president of InstaForex and Andy Webb, CEO of the Marussia F1 team where the parties expressed the mutual accomplishment by the partnership results and came to an agreement on a closer cooperation. Besides, a few employees of InstaForex visited Singapore Grand Prix being encouraged for a long-lasting personal contribution.

However, it is worth bringing to mind the racing event itself. As it always has been, Singapore Grand Prix involved the hot contest among racing drivers and teams; tough competing took place both on a circuit and at a paddock where teams’ engineers were doing wonders. You should also take notice that apart from the confident victory of Sebastian Vettel and overtaking the whole pelaton by Kimi Räikkönen, Singapore circuit race sticks upon memory thanks to the splendid performance of the Marussia F1 team that nailed down its success as a top 10 team.

InstaForex appeals all its clients to support the Marussia F1 team in their further aspiration for the success in the Formula1 World Championship.

Good-bye until the upcoming Grand Prix events!

Best Regards,PR Manager
InstaForex Companies Group

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Well-deserved victory is the easiest way to success!
The competition spirit and eagerness to win are very important traits for every person. But they are just essential for a genuine trader. Successful trading is the result of daily hard work. You certainly aspire to run at a higher level, to avoid mistakes, and to become more prosperous. InstaForex has invented various contests aiming to help you understand precisely what your ambitions are and what exactly you have achieved. When competing with other traders, you are able to estimate your capability and show your professional skills. Everyone enjoys equal conditions at the start, but only the final straight can set priorities and reveal who is worthy of winning. InstaForex congratulates all contestants and gladly announces the winners’ names.

InstaForex Sniper
The annual prize pool totals $75,000. Each time, a part equal to $1,500 goes to a winner. So, every demo account’s owner has a chance to win their prize money. This time, Elena Kravchenko is celebrating her winning. She has displayed the best results in this race; hence the first prize goes to Elena. InstaForex Sniper is a contest that suits perfectly both novices and more experienced traders who are willing to test their skills. Who will have luck next time? We will find out soon! You may register on the contest webpage from November 11, 2013 (GMT+2) till November 15, 2013 (GMT+2).

FX-1 Rally by InstaForex
What is FX-1 Rally by InstaForex like? This contest is unexpected, fast, and tough. It is Khaqqul Iman who came first! The Rally is a great opportunity to prove yourself. You have no room for error; one wrong decision can cost you a victory. Despite the fact that contestants execute all trades using demo accounts, the environment is quite strung up. An owner of the largest deposit at the moment of results evaluation wins the rally. Once again, let us congratulate the leader of the week! Those willing to take part in the next rally are welcome! You may register on the contest webpage from 00:00 November 8, 2013 (GMT+2) till 23:59 November 8, 2013 (GMT+2).

One Million Option
Do you think you have learned all ins and outs of options trading? Welcome! Options trading fans can check their trading techniques while they take part in One Million Option contest by InstaForex. This time, Alexander Myasnikov has taken the top place on the winners’ podium. The next scheduled stage is near at hand. Now contestants are getting ready to buy options and get scores in case of their winning. On completion, the contestant who has gained the most scores becomes a winner. The next stage is being held from November 11, 2013 (GMT+2) till November 15, 2013 (GMT+2). You may register on the contest webpage.

Lucky Trader
Lucky Trader by InstaForex is one of the most popular contests among company’s clients. Any demo account’s owner can apply for the competition. This time, Elena Gorshkova has been able to display the best results. So, she has deserved the first place, heartfelt congratulations, and the longing prize. Next time, it might be exactly you who will catch good luck. You are welcome to register, fatten a profit, and gain the highest rating among participants. Try your hand in fighting for a part of the prize pool. The next stage is taking place from November 18, 2013 (GMT+2) till November 29, 2013 (GMT+2). You may register on the contest webpage.

Learn more about contests
Finalists comments and photos

Best Regards,PR Manager
InstaForex Companies Group

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Reduced spreads on USD/PLN, EUR/PLN, GBP/PLN, CHF/PLN, AUD/PLN
InstaForex notifies the customers of considerable reduction in spread values for a number of currency pairs with the Polish zloty as the result of ongoing development and optimization of trading terms as well as due to external market factors.

The reduction concerns almost all trading instruments that include the Polish zloty.

Below are the new spreads in pips, the old values are specified in parentheses:
USD/PLN - 20 (75)
EUR/PLN - 35 (120)
GBP/PLN - 25 (120)
CHF/PLN - 40 (50)
AUD/PLN - 40 (50)

New spreads are to be effective as of December 12, 2013.

Please consider these changes and adjust your trading strategies if necessary.

Best Regards,PR Manager
InstaForex Companies Group

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InstaForex Company Work Schedule for Christmas and New Year Holiday Period

Dear customers,

We would like to present you InstaForex schedule for Christmas and New Year holidays so that you could change your strategy in accordance with it.

Please note that the support service hours are the same as the market hours.

December 24 – the market will be closed at 20:00 (trading platform time).

December 25 – a non-working day.

December 26 – the market will be opened at 09:00.

December 31 – the market will be closed at 20:00.

January 1 – a non-working day.

January 2 – at 09:00 the market as well as InstaForex departments will return to the regular schedule.

Additionally, be kindly informed that the exotic currency pairs (Forex Crosses 4 and Forex Crosses 5) shall be unavailable to open positions on from December 24 to January 3. However, the positions on these pairs shall be closed as usual.

Other InstaForex trading conditions  shall not be changed.

Best Regards,PR Manager
InstaForex Companies Group

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InstaForex wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!
Dear Customers, Partners, and Friends,
InstaForex team would like to express heartfelt congratulation on Christmas and New Year. We wish you a very happy and joyful year ahead with great achievements, personal and career successes, new journeys and pleasant acquaintances, and the most important things - health, happiness and love.
Looking back on the year of 2013, we can say it was not that simple for business people. The difficult economic situation along with significant market volatility and other external economic factors to some extent affected big investors, households around the world, and all of us. However, we hope that you have gone unscathed through the past year and have become stronger, wiser and more experienced. For everyone, the year of 2013 was different but all of us planned our future and worked. We worked hard so that the next year would be more successful and would be the time of new beginnings and remarkable accomplishments. You should meet the New Year having these positive thoughts.
Summing up the results of 2013, Installable would like to take the opportunity to look back on the past year’s achievements most of which were possible thanks to you, our clients and partners! In early 2013, InstaForex extended its wide range of bonuses, adding 45% Bonus. The beginning of the summer was marked with unparalleled 250% Bonus for new customers.

The company went on with its technical development as well. It launched several trading servers in the regions mostly overloaded by trading activity. Now InstaForex numbers 11 trading serves and over 30 data centers all over the world. This fact contributes to the company’s competitive advantage in terms of the speed of orders execution and real-time quotes provision. A popular service of options trading was also extended enabling InstaForex clients to trade both intraday and expiry options.
As well as all the preceding years, the year of 2013 was the year of international recognition for InstaForex brining more titles, prizes and awards. Thus, the company’s awards received in 2013 include Best ECN Broker title by UK Forex Awards, Best Global Retail FX Broker certificate by European CEO, Best Broker Northern Asia by World Finance Awards, and Best Broker in Asia by The China International Online Trading Expo. InstaForex held four conferences in 2013 in different cities worldwide. It also participated in ten events devoted to financial markets, particularly, to the forex market.   In 2013, Janko Tipsarević, the Serbian tennis player included in the top ten of ATP rankings, became the face of the broker.  Also, 2013 was the year when InstaForex became the sponsor of HKm Zvolen, a leading Slovak ice hockey team, and an official partner of the Anglo-Russian Marussia F1 Team. And finally, a customer of InstaForex won the Best Trading, Luxury Driving campaign that raffled Porsche Cayenne. We remind you that InstaForex will hold Lotus Evora prize draw! Once again, we wish you and your families merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! All the best in the new year to come!

Be with InstaForex in 2014!

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Meet our new app, InstaForex Quotes and News!

InstaForex customers can download and install a free app developed by the company’s programmers. To quickly access up-to-the-minute information, use InstaForex Quotes and News for Android!

Using this app, you will be able to stay abreast of the latest financial news and analyze a current market situation. InstaForex Quotes and News enables you to get all the necessary market data and quotes, thus providing you with ample opportunities for efficient trading.

The app provides:
- Real-time forex quotes;
- Current economic and financial news;
- Real-time interactive price charts.

Analyze the market and get profit using InstaForex Quotes and News!

Powerful trading tool is now there for you!

A universal solution for InstaForex clients will be your reliable assistant in trading. Mobility and quick response to a changing situation is an undeniable advantage.

InstaForex Quotes and News: reliable assistant on your favorite device!

Best Regards,PR Manager
InstaForex Companies Group

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Yet another Dakar Rally series has been over

InstaForex covered this year's Dakar Rally in order to provide its customers with play-by-play reviews of how the events were unfolding. Together with you we rooted for InstaForex Loprais Team which became a regular participant of this thrilling off-road race. Just like organizers promised, it was a difficult competition for all the teams without exception. In addition to rough tracks and harsh weather conditions, which tested their truck’s limits, racers also had to cope with strenuous physical exertion and sheer weariness. Competitors jostled till the very last minutes of the race. Our team was held up as true professionals pushing their strength limits. Even an unexpected breakdown of the Queen 69 on the penultimate stage, which threw the team back to the last position, was unable to break their fighting spirit. In the final, the team was 6th overall. It was a fierce competition but InstaForex Loprais Team got over the hump. However, we will keep on hoping that the next year’s Dakar will be more successful and our guys headed by Ales Loprais will win a podium place. For now, we want to express our gratitude on behalf of InstaForex Loprais Team to all supporters, friends, and fans that closely followed the ups and downs of the race and believed in our victory till the end. We could hardly be where we are now without this warm support. InstaForex and its partners have responded in kind, preparing special prizes for the winners of a traditional after-race quiz. The team’s leader Ales Loprais will hand over the prizes at a fan meeting that will be held on February 1, 2014.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 Dakar opening ceremony!

Best regards, PR Manager / Learn more about InstaForex Company at

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InstaForex and MT5 glad to present new $45,000 draw among analysts

InstaForex is happy to announce the third season of the international award Analyst of the Year 2014.

Everyone specializing in market trend predictions and quality forecasts is allowed to take part in the competition.

As usual, the main condition for participation in the Analyst of the Year is publication of market analyses, updating the Trend and News profile, and blog posting and forum thread renewal on

Over the whole year, visitors will choose the best experts in an open vote.

At the end of voting, seven contenders with the highest rating (number of votes) will be determined as the winners and rewarded deposits on their trading accounts. The prize pool is $45,000 and split into seven parts: the 1st place - $15,000, the 2nd - $10,000, the 3rd – $7,000, the 4th - $5,000, the 5th - $4,000, the 6th - $3,000, the 7th - $1,000.

To learn more about the requirements and the rules of the competition, go to the Analyst of the Year web page on

Make your contribution and vote for the best expert in 2014!

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Names of new heroes of InstaForex contests disclosed!

InstaForex has drawn up the latest results of the contests and ready to unveil the names of the new champions. This time, the contest administration is set to announce the winners of the following competitions: One Million Option, InstaForex Sniper, Chancy Deposit, and FX-1 Rally by InstaForex.

So, well-deserved prizes and awards are waiting for their winners. Meanwhile, we strongly encourage those who were not lucky this time to keep on fighting for great prizes. The next batch of happy winners will be announced in just a week.

Now, InstaForex sincerely congratulates the four lucky winners on their victory and wishes them good luck ever since. We remind you that InstaForex arranges a dozen of various contests and promo campaigns for its clients funded by the annual prize pool of over $500,000. Moreover, some of InstaForex campaigns raffle off luxurious cars of such legendary brands as Lotus and Porsche.

One Million Option

Options trading is considered the top hit of forex trader’s activities. One Million Option contest proves this popularity; indeed, more and more traders being InstaForex clients participate in this challenge. Please, be aware that amid such fierce competition it is getting more difficult to win at every stage of the contest. So, victory is even sweeter and it is more appreciated. This time, Vyachelav Mesenov has become the best of the strongest. He was able to unlock his intuition, display nerves of steel, and show off instant response. InstaForex congratulates Vyacheslav on the fair victory and wishes him to keep the winner spirits in other contests as well. The next victory is more complicated to achieve. There are only few days left until the new stage of One Million Option contest. Participants can register on the contest page from March 24, 2014 (GMT+2) until March 28, 2014 (GMT+2).

InstaForex Sniper

Precision and speed are the key factors of success in InstaForex Sniper. The contest is one of the oldest among the other ones suggested by InstaForex. Besides, it is probably the easiest to understand. That is why hundreds of traders compete in accuracy and quick thinking every week. This time, fortune smiled upon Maksim Kaplun. So, heartfelt congratulations to our winner! At the same time, InstaForex wishes good luck to all other contestants. The Lady Luck might favor them next time. The following stage InstaForex Sniper will be held from March 24, 2014 (GMT+2) until March 28, 2014 (GMT+2). Test your quick thinking ability right away!

FX-1 Rally by InstaForex

Leandr Sirotkin won the Grand Prix in FX-1 Rally. Our champion managed the whole rally at the fastest speed with no mistakes at any twist. The format and the contest name imply that trading is performed at a crazy speed and the competition is stiff during the whole race. You must be sure that if you are willing to feel a burst of adrenalin and a thrill of competition, FX-1 Rally is the best solution for you. If you were not able to be the first to reach the finish line at the final contest stage, then you are welcome to register for the next stage from 00:00 March 21, 2014 (GMT+2) until 23:59 March 21, 2014 (GMT+2).

Chancy Deposit

It is the contest where your personal good luck matters first and foremost. If you want to challenge the fortune and check if you are the fortune’s pet why not take part in the Chancy Deposit contest? Larry Mishael did it and won the first prize. In case the nearest stage is not your lucky day, you will have a bunch of lottery tickets to challenge the fortune. Meanwhile, InstaForex congratulates Larry Mishael on the victory in the regular contest Chancy Deposit! We remind the rest of you that the fortune loves a variety. Perhaps, it will smile exactly on you in the nearest future. You can take part in the next scheduled event of Chancy Deposit right now and try to win $1,000. All you have to do is to deposit $3,000 and over to your trading account.

Learn more about the contests
Finalists’ comments and photos

Best Regards,PR Manager
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Re: InstaForex Company News

Miss Insta Asia 2014: seize your chance to win!
What kind of competition requires intelligence, beauty, and intuition? The Miss Insta Asia contestants are notable for their beauty and uniqueness, and at the same time they also strive for personal achievements improving their professional skills.

The contest has been held by InstaForex for the fifth consecutive year. The most charming ladies from all over the world are always welcome to try their luck in the contest. This international project does not cease to expand the frontiers and geographical reach. Today Miss Insta Asia is a top-rated large-scale event underlying the credibility of InstaForex and the level of competence of the contest organizers. More than 700 gorgeous women have already participated in the beauty marathon. However, a few could withstand tense competition and the desired prizes. The jury had a difficult challenge - to pick the best of the best. So, Svetlana Vilchynskaya from Ukraine was announced the winner. Apart from the Miss Insta Asia 2013 title and recognition, Svetlana received $20,000 to her trading account. The contest results, profiles of the participants, and exclusive interviews are available on Miss Insta Asia website.

Now every beautiful and self-confident girl aged 18 and over may participate in the contest. A few minutes spent for registration may change your life dramatically. The earlier you register for the contest, the more odds to win you will have. The new Miss Insta Asia contest is in its full swing – 72 girls have already taken up the challenge thus making the contest even more fascinating and intriguing. To claim for the Miss Insta Asia 2014 crown, register for the contest on the official website, fill out the registration form and share you photos and videos. You will not have to do catwalk modelling or choose a stage image, but your profile should be gripping to gain as many votes as possible.

Bear in mind that only 5 contestants will be able to get into the final of the contest which will be finished on October 1, 2014. The winners will be determined by an open online voting. They will share the prize pool of $45,000. Absolutely everyone can win as the rating of participants may change any time. Do not miss the opportunity – show yourself and make your dreams come true!

Follow the latest updates on official Miss Insta Asia 2014 website. Stunning victory with InstaForex!

Best Regards,PR Manager
InstaForex Companies Group

Re: InstaForex Company News

Open deals and place pending orders in your Client Cabinet
InstaForex informs its clients of a new feature in Client Cabinet that makes possible to open deals and place pending orders. By filling out a special form, InstaForex customers can now trade directly in their Client Cabinets.

The opened deals and pending orders will be shown in the Current Trades section of Client Cabinet. Moreover, you can close trades or cancel orders. Below on this page, you can select a time period for the chosen financial instrument.

With the new feature of deals opening and placing pending orders in Client Cabinet, trading has become even more convenient.

InstaForex works unceasingly to develop and improve its numerous services and products making the trading of its clients more effective and comfortable.

Best regards, PR Manager / Learn more about InstaForex Company at

Re: InstaForex Company News

InstaForex announces partnership with Barclays Premier League runner-up

InstaForex and legendary Liverpool Football Club announced a two-year partnership today that will run until the end of the 2015/16 season.

InstaForex will become the Official Online Forex and Binary Options Trading Partner in Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) of Liverpool FC. The new alliance will see InstaForex offer exciting LFC experiences to their customers who are fans in these markets, including tickets to see the Reds play at home in Anfield.

“We are delighted to welcome InstaForex to the Liverpool family as our very first online Forex trading partner. The online service has over 1.2 million online customers and those in Asia and CIS will benefit from this partnership, which will see InstaForex offering fans content and access to the team they love” commented Chief Commercial Officer of Liverpool FC, Billy Hogan.

Commenting on the new partnership, Pavel Shkapenko, Director of Business Development at InstaForex said: “InstaForex has similar aspirations to Liverpool– we strive to be the best in the Forex industry as LFC in football. This partnership brings together our young dynamic brand with that of over a century of tradition and we’re excited to work with such an established and followed Club.”

Founded in 1892, Liverpool FC is one of the world’s most historic and famous football clubs having won 18 League Titles, seven FA Cups, eight League Cups, five European Cups, three UEFA Cups, three European Super Cups and 15 Charity Shields.

Liverpool FC legend Ian Rush holds Instaforex T-Shirt announcing 2 year partnership between InstaForex and LFC

Best regards, PR Manager / Learn more about InstaForex Company at

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InstaForex Loprais Team: Baja Hungaria results

The summer was quite eventful for InstaForex Loprais Team. After winning the Breslau rally 2014 in Poland, Ales Loprais and his team went to Hungarian Baja, the 7th round of the FIA World Cup for cross-country rallies. The 4-day rally took place August 14-17, 2014 and included a total distance of about 600 kilometers. Baja Hungaria is famous for its breathtaking special stages with sharp turns and winding forest tracks.

77 vehicles took part in the 7th round of the FIA World Cup. The second day was the toughest with two special stages 54.56 km and 96.62 km long respectively. Even some seconds were key to determine the winner so any delay could change the teams’ rankings dramatically. Despite a good start, both trucks of InstaForex Loprais Team withdrew from the race at the last stage. A mere 25 kilometers separated the team from the finish line when Thomas Kasparek driving the Tatra truck named Princess lost the front wheel after a huge jump.

According to the team’s leader Ales Loprais, it was a new experience for the team in such a hard, speedy and bumpy terrain. “We need to learn from our mistake for the future”, he said.

After winning the Breslau rally where InstaForex Loprais Team took leading positions from the very start, Ales was among the major candidates for gold in the Hungarian rally. However, the heart of their Queen stopped to beat only 10 kilometers before the finish because of low fuel.

It is noteworthy that the team boosted its technical level, but the new GYRTECH engine turned out to be not that fuel-efficient. Drawing a lesson from this for the 2015 Dakar rally, Ales said that the truck performed well on the whole and the team was happy with the new engine.

The team is now preparing for a coming test session with Budweiser Budvar winners who will join InstaForex Loprais Team in a few days.

Root for InstaForex Loprais Team and keep abreast of its latest news!

Best Regards,PR Manager
InstaForex Companies Group

Re: InstaForex Company News

Our compliments to new finalists of InstaForex contest and campaigns

The contest administration has assessed the interim results of the traditional challenges. So, we are ready to announce the names of the winners in the following contests and prize draws: FX-1 Rally by InstaForex, Chancy Deposit, InstaForex Sniper, and Trade Wise, Win Device.

InstaForex is eager to congratulate the champions of the competitions on the great scores. Besides, we would like to encourage those participants who were not so lucky this week. Never give up and you will celebrate your victory sooner or later.

FX-1 Rally by InstaForex

The week, Natalia Gyrak managed to cover the distance of the express contest with the brilliant result. She was able to show both great trading and racing skills. We would like to applaud her best performance and wish her to secure the title of the fastest racer at next steps of FX-1 Rally by InstaForex. If you do not mind entering the fierce competition and feeling the adrenaline during the race, welcome to the starting line of the next step of FX-1 Rally by InstaForex. You can register for the nearest race which will run from 00:00 on August 29, 2014 (GMT+2) until 23:59 August 29, 2014 (GMT+2).

InstaForex Sniper

The most accurate and quick-witted traders dare to participate in InstaForex Sniper. Traditionally, the competition gathers a large number of traders who fight vigorously for the main prize at each strep. The week, Aleksey Seledtsov displayed the best scores. Please, be aware that the next step will take place from August 25, 2014 until August 29, 2014 (GMT+2). If you are keen to test your marksmanship in InstaForex Sniper, the registration on the contest page is available right now. 

Chancy Deposit

Your aspiration to win and good luck are the main factors of success in this campaign. If the fortune is on your side, you will be able to win the hefty cash prize. This week, Alexandr Kuptsov has been the fortune’s favorite. If you are keen to take part in the nearest Chancy Deposit raffle which gives you a chance to win $1,000, you need to deposit an amount over $3,000 to your trading account. Who knows? Perhaps, you will enjoy success at the next step.

Trade Wise, Win Device

The results of the latest prize draw revealed that the brand-new smartphone should be given to our winner Vasileiadis Vladimiros Vladimir. Why not try to win a modern gadget from a famous manufacturer? Then, you need to register for the next step of the Trade Wise, Win Device campaign which will be held from September 1, 2014 (GMT+2) until September 12, 2014 (GMT+2).

Learn more about contests and campaigns
Finalists’ photos and comments

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