Topic: I've extracted the program but it does not work!!!

I have extracted the FSB in my computer, but when I start it an error message appears.
Can you advise what I need to do to run the program?

Re: I've extracted the program but it does not work!!!

It seems you don't have Microsoft Framework 2 installed on your computer. You can download and install it freely. Try to update your Windows. There are further info and links here.

Re: I've extracted the program but it does not work!!!

Installation of Forex Strategy Builder.

Forex Strategy Builder uses .NET Framework. It is the new managed code programming model for Windows. The Framework will be useful for many other applications.

Read first the Forex Strategy Builder system requirements.

You will see an yellow field with a text System Requirements Check.
If you are using Internet Explorer the script will try to detect the .NET Framework version of your computer.

If you see a green text confirming that you have .NET Framework installed, you can download and install Forex Strategy Builder.

If you see a red string "You haven't got Framework 2.0 in your computer.." do the following:

1. Check if your operating system is present in the list of supporting OS.
2. Download and install Windows Installer 3.1. Probably you have the Windows Installer already.
3. Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0

Now, you are ready to install Forex Strategy Builder.
1. Download the FSB binary archive.
2. Extract the archive somewhere in your computer. It is self extractable. The archive contains the necessary binary files, some demo strategies and forex history quotes.
3. You can make a shortcut on your desktop.
4. You can update the forex quotes from our website or use quotes from your broker.

Re: I've extracted the program but it does not work!!!

Sorry if this sounds silly to you all, but I'm new to Windows (I used Macs and Unixes before). Is Windows XP Family Edition any different from any other XP, and therefore can't run FSB? Because it's the version I have, I believed XP Family Edition would be ok since SP2 or SP3 are. I consider buying a PC just for Forex trading... and using your FSB! In the meantime I'm stuck "with the family" ;-)

Re: I've extracted the program but it does not work!!!

There are no problems with the XP Home edition Windows. The only thing is that you have to install .NET Framework since it is not a part of the original windows installation.

First check the detection script from the forex download page of FSB. The .NET might be installed in the shop.

Re: I've extracted the program but it does not work!!!

Well actually it did not work with the Family Edition (said like something was not correctly installed); I first installed the adequate .NET framework but in vain, so I upgraded to SP2, and now, it works!

Guess what, my first buy with my future huge forex gains will be a brand new computer!

Re: I've extracted the program but it does not work!!!

The .NET Framework is integrated in Windows Vista. If you have it you do not need any additional installations to run FSB.

For the previous Windows versions like XP, 2000, Milenium ... you have to update your Windows to the latest Service Pack available. Use Windows Update for it.

.NET Framework is not part of the high priority updates. To install it select the Custom button from the Windows Update webpage.

After that select Software Optional from the left side menu and check the .NET 2 check box.

Then click on the Review and Install Software link.

That is all.