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Topic: how to build this strategy

Hello ,

I am new here , i wanted to build a simple strategy , i am facing some problems

i want to to buy/sell on moving average cross over (10,50)
tp is fix 20 pips
if we get reverse signal we close current position and open the new trade in new direction with double lot(2x)

So basically its martingle , when the profit is hit , we start from normal lot

now the problem i am facing is that when it reverses it is not making the lot 2x.

Please tell me how to do that

i have already checked the martingle in trade options but its not working since i read some where it will not martingale on reverse entry

Re: how to build this strategy

Problematic to do... To my understanding, only achievable with Martingale option, but as you said it returns inital lot size when trade gets reversed, so that's about all there is unfortunately. Only bright side about this is it wouldn't work correctly in FST either...

Maybe someone else knows a  good solution?

Re: how to build this strategy

Martingale counter is zeroed on reversing. (frankly  I don't remember why this was the only option)
The strategy should be implemented correctly if program closes the current position and after that opens a new one.