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Hello to all,   i offer my trading services for free. Limited acounts (max 20) Max deposit 25K/acount, you only need to open acount in my recomended brokers.

I do not promise miracles.

My intencion is showing my performance its a mix of strategies, my acount is verified and all of you have all the statistical tools, i dont want sell nothing only trading for limited costumers, i dont trade hi volume of capital and dont use martingale techniques.

Happy trading to all.

Re: Free trading for limited Costumers

for some reasons i see risk of ruin as 100% for your myfxbook account
almost everything else is closed - non visible wink

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Re: Free trading for limited Costumers

Hello, in my fxbook we have a lot of analitic tools you can see in the Advanced Statistics area:

You must know analise:

There is a 100% chance of losing 100% of the acount. This will require 1330 consecutive losin trades.  And is not the fact.

Trades:    278   
Pips:    470.7
Average Win:    7.84 pips /
Average Loss:    -17.67 pips /
Longs Won:    (96/135) 71%
Shorts Won:    (115/143) 80%
Best Trade (Pips):    (Nov 05) 76.0
Worst Trade (Pips):    (Dec 20) -37.2
Avg. Trade Length:     3h 27m

The broker gives me bonus equity thats why the equyti is not in 100% when im not trading or when i dont have any order opened.

Happy trading