Topic: How break-even option works?

I am having difficulties in understanding how break-even point works in FSB. Could you provide me any example? When does it close the position?

Re: How break-even option works?

If your profit in points reaches the level set in the break even point setting then a stop is set to your entry price. This way the worst outcome would be break even. If the profit does not reach your beak even point this setting does nothing.

So as an example you could have a profit target of 1000 with a stop loss of 500 and a break even of 250.

If you go long and the price rises above a 250 profit then FSB places a stop at your entry price. If the price continues to rise to you profit target of 1000 you are closed out at the profit target. If the price drops back below your entry price you will be stopped out at break even.

Re: How break-even option works?

Thanks SpiderMan. Now I get it.