Topic: New Bar range mod request

i need some extra features to bar range indicator

1- add shift function to indicator " example : if we use number of bars =1 so it will use previous bar range
so could we use shift -1 to use the range of bar before previous bar !!!!!

2- could we make the indicator use the body range also , body =diff between open and close .

3- the indicator use the range of current tested time frame which limits the use of the  idea  so could we have the bar range indicator for a bigger time frame and take actions on smaller timeframes!!!!!

last modification 4- could we have more logics " options now rise , fall , higher than fixed number of pips and lower than fixed no. of pips"  could we add another logics that compare true range with ATR " example will be  the true range of previous day > ATR 5 "

Thanks in advance