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Topic: Hi!

First of all i wish to thank Popov and team for this beautiful free software!


- running multiple copies of FST: not only set ID for each, but also set different Magic for each. Not covered in docs, not so obvious for beginners wink.

and question:

- maybe, its discussed already, FST Trailing Stop works differently than MT's? If i set Trail to 250, it works not only when order's profit >=250 pips (if i set SL to 500, Trail to 250 and there was price move to +100pips, FST change SL to 100-250=-150, and on the next move, order was closed with -150 pips).
Is it simply moves SL all the time?

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Re: Hi!

"suggestion", i mean "it will be nice to add this to FAQ"

Trailing Stop:

I think that such behavior makes no sense to set SL, anyway it became changed right after new position opens. And, it adds senseless job for bots.

We can use different Closing Point/Logic, but it closes positions no matter they winning or not. Is it?
There is no option "Close only profitable orders" yet.

If i misunderstand, correct me. Thanks.

Re: Hi!

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