Topic: The Best Forex Info!

Hi Forex traders, and those who still planning to start earning with Forex!

I am trading in forex for 2 years and wanted to give something to you. I've collected my TOP 3 of forex e-books, with which I learned to trade!

1. Make Money Magazine #1, Alex forex millionaire and playboy.
Info: The best e-book for forex beginners with many illustrations and secrets.

2. 80 Forex Strategies.
Info: simple and easy to learn forex strategies.

3. Bacic forex trading guide by eToro.
Info: Because i am trading in this company, at start i used this ebook comparing with Make Money Magazine.

I hope this info will help many begineers!
You can write some advices e.t.c. to improve this post usefulness. smile

Re: The Best Forex Info!


Hi. The link doesn't work anymore. Are you still in the industry? smile