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Would be nice to have an indicator showing the inclination of the MA it should be adjustable the rising angle, the falling angle,  periodes, the angle in degrees and angle higher than, lower than, a
I think thus we could overcome easier the idle trades

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Othello, please post more info, source or screenshot for the required indicator in Indicators forum. It can be done with a custom indicator.

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Dobrin , tks for reply
this indicator In the fields to adjust the indicator should be the following
as usual on top the logic there is a selection possible of the angle rises , the angle fall
next feeld below is smoothing method as usual   to the right side the field base price
below the feeld Period  next field the angle (in degree)
last field for wich indikator this should be active at least the MA which can be adjusted separately as usual

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the problem is partly solved
the point was, that my broker had on fixed spread
a dot as a suffix which FsT did not transmitt correctly
On variable spread there is no such suffix that is why it is working there 
Meanwhile i us varable spread now.

But how can i manaage to work the Fst also on fixed spread with that suffix

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Re: indicator showing the inclination of the MA

Hi Othello,
Instead of "angle", it's better to use slope or value change. Since the distance between each bar is constant at "1", the vertical change is all that is needed for a meaningful value. The angle on the chart is actually an illusion -- if you resize the chart, you can make the MA segment look very inclined or very flat.

Try this indicator: MA Slope, it might do what you are looking for. You can set the MA Period parameter, then it draws a histogram of the MA's change in value from bar to bar. Also, you can smooth the histogram with the MA Slope Period parameter.

Instead of an angle like 45 degrees, it will give you a pip value, like "the 14 MA value rises by 3.8".

Edit -- Doh!! I thought I had attached the indicator earlier, let me try again ...

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