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Topic: Strategy suggestion

Hi guys,

i am trying to program following strategy. It is grid/martingale.
The basic principle is simple

1. Open new position
a. if market move in my favor, close the position with TP 30 pips
b. if market move 30+pips against me open another position with the same direction with double lot size and TP also 30 pips. IF TP is hit close all positions
c. repeat (b) as many times as needed:)  or hit margin call sad

I would like to know if it is possible to do this in FSB.

Basically said i am going to open as many positions as needed as long as profit is negative.
And close all positions as soon as i reach some small profit.
All open positions have the same direction.

And i know it is dangerous - that's why i would like to test it via FSB and i hope $10k  account and 0.01 lot start position will prevail

What indi do you recommend?