Topic: Trouble in starting FSB

Hi Popov,

I had successfully installed and used the FSB on my Windows Vista platform.
However now I am getting this message that FSB.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

After uninstalling and again reinstalling there is no problem in running FSB. But after
a while the same problem repeats.

What could be the reason ? I did a format and reinstallation of Windows, in case there is some virus.

Please help! Thanks


Re: Trouble in starting FSB

Hi Dileap,

FSB is compiled under .NET Framework 2 and its presence is only requirement to run. Win Vista comes with .NET Framework 3 which means that you have everything necessary. 

Since you have installed FSB (using the installer or archive), we really haven?t idea where the problem is. We make hundreds of tests every day, trying to crash FSB but it catches the errors successfully. There are several small bugs in the current version but no one critical.

May be you (or your windows) make something unusual. Don?t understand me wrong. You are free to use FSB how you want at it MUST work in any circumstances.

I?ll give you some ideas:
-    Wrong parameter when manually edit the strategy files or using strategies from earlier FSB versions.
-    Wrong parameter into the config files
-    Importing or editing the data files in different formats.
-    Moving FSB after installation or deleting some of its files or folder.

Even if you make something like these, the program will survive in most of the cases.

But I?m sure the problem is other.
So try something other. After installing and successful run, copy the programs folder somewhere. (FSB is fully portable. I have installed it on my mobile phone and it works properly.) Test the copy. If it works, (it should work) leave it there. Use the original installation.

If the original installation crashes (not valid Win32 or other), try the copy you have made. It must work like before. If the copy does not work, the error must be in the windows.

Delete the original Forex Strategy Builder.exe (the main application file) and put there the copy (the Forex Strategy Builder.exe file only).
I?m curious what will happen.
Please report the result.

Re: Trouble in starting FSB

Hi Popov!

Many thanks for sending me detailed suggestions to my problem. However after writing to you last, I was trying various things, and I ran the
PC Tools Anti Virus Program, which showed the presence of the Win32.Hidrag  virus on my system. All the win32 applications *.exe files showed affliction. The program moved them to Quarantine.

After cleaning the system, I have re-installed FSB and now I do not have any error messages.

I really appreciate your taking time to resolve my problem.

I find your software very useful. You have evolved an excellent tool!

I am new to FOREX and am trying to back test strategies.

Earlier I had asked another question, whether FSB can be
used to test Index data from equity & Futures markets. But I have not received any response.

I have data from the Indian NSE (National Stock Exchange) which I
want to use in FSB to test some strategies. How can I get  this data into FSB ?

What formats are needed ? Is there a way to directly enter data in FSB or import from excel sheets ?

Can you help ? Thanks!