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i'm googling around about online forex or online forex brokers and came across webpage- MF Financial Ltd, do you guys try this website before, is it trustable? They even have free demo before invest, any feedback about this website?

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Hi all,
I am as like as "fx_xtian"
I am also not familiar with mffx...
I want to know more details about this.
Could anyone help with sharing.
I will come back soon.

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In view of the MF Global bankruptcy I would be very wary of opening an account with any broker that started with the letters MF.

As for estocks, if you check out this link at Forex Peace Army you might want to be wary of them as well. They refused to give the poor guy his money back.

Re: forex newbie, help

Take a look at etore's demo account and check the Openbook system. You can actually monitor traders trading live.

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