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Hello everyone!
First I want to thank the author for this great software.
And my question/request - How do you guys optimize/generate strategies on M1 and M5 charts when there is a maximum limit of 50,000 bars? on M1 time frame it covers only about 1,5 month and on M5 about 8 months. Is it possible to increase the limit of allowed bars?
Thank you!

Re: optimization/generation on M1/M5

you can use a higher number of bars, however, by changing the periods you can use a smaller number of bars for testing.

I think you may find that 50,000 bars is going to be a bit slow to obtain results...... unless you have a machine that is far faster than any that I know of.

The more bars that you are testing will cause the ea to produce less per bar, ie if you are using 5,000 bars you will get a profit of 'x' and if you test 50,000 bars your profit will be substantially less than 'x', (referring to the generator).

You may wish to consider using 30,000 bars and then testing against several periods to determine the effectiveness of your logic.

And when trading. reoptimize often so as to reflect the current market conditions.

Others may have a different opinion and I would be pleased to see what they may have to add to this.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: optimization/generation on M1/M5

I replied to this in the features wanted thread....... I am not sure how this post and my reply became separated..

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: optimization/generation on M1/M5

If you are still sure you really want to increase:
Market > Data Horizon
then it has a field for Maximum number of bars. I agree withe Blaiserboy, mostly I use around 25,000 bars for testing. I only use more than that for a long, long term perspective and don't want to manually swap between 2 data files for OOS testing.

Re: optimization/generation on M1/M5

To change limit for the number of trades you need to edit this file
c:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder\System\config.xml

- open in any text editor - notepad is OK - change the value between > and <

Yes FTB can work with 3 000 000 bars you just need strong PC

Do this BEFORE you start the FTB. Than you can go to Market > Data Horizon and increase it