Topic: Whats going on behind FSB ?

Whats going on behind FSB ?
After generate new strategy, sometime i got no result like this

Can someone explain what to do ?

Re: Whats going on behind FSB ?

208 iterations is not very many for the program to come up with a value, just let it run for a while and then it will start to give many results

You have everythi9ng locked so the machine will have to do a lot of calculations............. and, it may be that you have used all of the slots you have allocated so the program can do nothing

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Re: Whats going on behind FSB ?

Set working time to 0 and leave it overnight.

Re: Whats going on behind FSB ?


I ever got result even the iteration around 180 !
I think lock condition make system not calculate their variation ! Only one rule the system will calculate ! Isnt it ?

Link & unlock ( the slot ) rule may give the system to make and calculate the variation !
This will make the system run and need more time of iteration.

I Think that is not the problem, cause i make more generate with that condition though !

What use the working time set to 0 ( zero ) or 5 ( by default )
Can we got more than 10 top result ?

I will try that