Topic: Simple Question About Daily Open Bar and Close Bar

Hi Popov,

I Found this FSB is very interesting !
Already make some testing with the Generator with daily bar !

For Open Position, i decide to make the rule :
Bar Opening - Enter the market at the beginning of the bar

For Close Position, the rule is :
Bar Closing - Exit the market at the end of the bar

My Question is :

1. If we run this strategy with MT4 + FST, how can FST detect the beginning of the bar ( specially at Monday ) ? I mean, do we must open this system before the market open (depend on the broker time) ?

2. How can the system detect the closing bar ? and also specially for the end of Friday ? Because Friday closing time is different than another day !?

3. After making some research from some broker with demo account, there were very different result if we use same strategy at different broker ! Does it mean, we must use unique system for different broker although  we trade at the same pairs !?


Re: Simple Question About Daily Open Bar and Close Bar

Another additional questions :

Related with above daily open bar and daily close bar system, does it mean we only need to run the system at around close and open daily bar ( depend on broker time ), and we can simply close the system after that ?

Can the system run well if we only run the system like this ?

Re: Simple Question About Daily Open Bar and Close Bar

Have someone try the system for open position at the bar open, and close position at the bar close ?

Lets share this experience at FSB and FST