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Topic: 2 weeks forward testing, looking for ideas to improve the strategy!

I've been testing attached strategy for 2 weeks in demo account (Alpari-UK) and I am having some issues that maybe we can work together and improve it.

The test is done on EURUSD 1M.

Back-testing gives some very nice results, but a forward test for 2 weeks gave me only 200 pips profit.

I am not saying is bad, but what I'd like to improve is the exit strategy. Many trades goes in profit, but RSI doesn't cross the level line (sometimes for a few days) and often profitable trades retrace to minus and I have to wait for 1-2 days until trade is closed. On back-testing I don't see it. Last week I had a trade that went 115 pips in profit, RSI didn't cross the level line and trade went back to -100 pips. Recently it closed with -35, not a big deal but had to wait for almost 2 days.

I am going to try to optimize it for USD/JPY or GBP/JPY as this pairs have faster sideways movements and possibly it will work better.

Anyway I am open for suggestion how to improve it.

Stop loss is not a good idea. I think 100-120 pips DD is nothing with the right money management and right exit strategy.

Take profit maybe a good idea, but then we can lose some large moves as happened last week

PS. I do optimization every few days ))

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Re: 2 weeks forward testing, looking for ideas to improve the strategy!

sometimes a trailing stop will be helpful, you will have to play with it to find the ideal, even though you do not like it. LOL

Perhaps you can add something like BB and have trades closed when they meet BB, optimize a lot to see what ideal BB setting may be.

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