Topic: FSB goes Open Source

Dear friends, I'm excited to announce that I'm going to make FSB source code publicly available. I hope that more clever heads and sharp eyes will dig inside the code making the bugs shallower and the issues fixed faster.
The code will be published with next beta version.

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This is really good news  smile

I hope that this move will support the community and products.

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Wow - this will be very exciting!! My guess is FSB is in C#, is that right?
How will revisions, testing, code reviews and check-ins be controlled/organized?

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FSB is written in C# .NET 2
For communication we'll use this forum and skype conferences.
Tasks, ToDo and logs will be in the wiki.
Patches, fixes and code snippets will be published and documented in the wiki or in the forum.
Testing releases and testing programs will be published here.
The destribution of public betas and final releases wil be controlled by me.
Forks of FSB will not be allowed.

I hope we'll find the best form of cooperative work suitable for the project.

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To learn the code, for my first task, I've added a feature requested by a user to exit after a set number of bars. It's very exciting, it's a CloseFilter so it should be good for:
- use alone -- exit at close of N bars from opening of position
- use with another indicator -- exit at N bars, or other indicator signal, whichever is first
- logical A with other indicator logical B -- exit at N bars, or other indicator signal, whichever is first
- logical A with other indicator logical A -- exit at N bars (or higher) and other indicator signal

I am still testing smoke levels. I am almost done, maybe by this weekend. How to I submit the change for review? I'd be happy to discuss how I've implemented it too before submitting, be sure I understand FSB correctly and have not missed something important.

Is it too early to add a feature, would it be better to stick to the ToDo list for now? I haven't seen an update on the wiki, so I don't know what ToDo tasks are still to do.

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Hello Krog,
Close after N bars function is very interesting. Its behaviour you have described is correct. You have to chack also what it does when FSB modifies a position. Does the function resets the counter or not? Probably you can add an option to set what to do after adding or reducing a position.
Open new position - resets bar counter,
Adding - resets or not depending on an option,
Reducing - resets or not as above,
Reversing - resets.


I'm busy till the middle of the next week, but after that I'll be online. I think to start regular skype conferences for discussing the source code, new features, and bug hunting.
I'll add you and the other developers as collaborators at so you'll be able to add your new features to a branch.

For now you can upload an exe in the forum for testing the new indicator.