Topic: exporting strategy to produce alerts for manual trading

Have read the postings I can find on this and related topics, but still uncertain as to the answer of whether there is a way to create alerts from the strategies constructed using FSB, that could then be used for manual trading. (Why do I want to do this?)

I think this could be a useful intermediate step, following successful backtesting, to see how the generated strategy works in reality, before putting into operation with FST on my funded account.

As I understand it, you can export a strategy as a static filter, but this does not perform any calculations on the new live data, so it is no use for manual or real trading.

Looked at the post by Dragon Eagle about using FST to achieve the alerts, but the suggested answer of watching a demo account to see if a position gets opened seems inefficient (and most demo accounts lag real ones I believe).

Perhaps there a way that the software (FST?) could be set up to provide a visible and audible alert instead of opening a position.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

Re: exporting strategy to produce alerts for manual trading

Yes, modifying the FST expert is a way. But what about checking "Ask manual confirmation" in MT expert properties? That should do the trick.