Topic: Steady Bands Issue between FSB and FST

I have built a strategy utilizing Steady Bands as a Closing Point.  Today I was reveiwing after running the Strategy for a week and noticed that the width of the Bands is wider in FST than in FSB.  For instance on 12-31 at 23:45 on Trader under Steady Bands it says the following:

Upper Band                           1.02248
Moving Average                    1.01478
Lower Band                          1.00708
Long Position Closing Price   1.02780
Short Position Closing Price  1.01240

On FSB's Chart     
Upper Band                            1.02094
Moving Average                     1.02015
Lower Band                           1.01936
Long Position Closing Price    1.02083
Short Position Closing Price    1.01925.

Both Charts show (Simple, Close, 51, 79) and I do have the same strategy running.
Also, I have verified my data source for my broker.  However this would seem to be a broker issue to me but I could be wrong.  Any Ideas?  Anyone?


Re: Steady Bands Issue between FSB and FST

hey Rich,

Firstly a screenshot from my FSB/FST:

Everything's in order, but there's a problem, and it should occur during market hours, i.e live market feed. I've experienced the same, but only during market hours, when checking offline charts, it's all in order.

you can read my findings in here:

Re: Steady Bands Issue between FSB and FST


Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated.

Re: Steady Bands Issue between FSB and FST

More info on this subject as it has been driving me crazy!!! 

I was able to resolve this issue and I now have 16 pairs and their charts match exactly to what I show in FSB and in FST.  I have found that in FSB if  I had "Fill in Data Gaps" selected it would alter the Technical Indicators in the Indicator Chart.  So, apparently by having this selected it was injecting some data that altered the Indicators.

The one other thing that I did was delete all data in my Meta Trader 4 directory I deleted everything in my history folder.  Than I opened up the pairs in MT4 and repopulated the data by loading FST going to Stragety > Trade Settings > Minimum number of bars in the chart> 5000.  Then when I connected it would retrieve that number of bars from my brokers MT4 Server.  I repeated this for all time frames of 1, 5, 15 and 1 hour.  Once this was done I would open up MTR and go to Tools > History Center then choose my pairs and export the data to a different location.  This is then the data that I would point my FSB to under Market > Data Directory. 

Now for the crucial test - This week I will see how it trades on all 16 pairs.  Holding my breath.

Re: Steady Bands Issue between FSB and FST

Whoops one more thing. 

5000 Bars seems to be the  maximum in FST could load, who do we see about getting this bumped up to whatever 20,000 at least or more.  As you can see this is very useful in retrieving the correct historical data from your demo or live trading servers.