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Hi Friends.

Sometimes We Want To Use Ours FSB Created Strategies At MT4 Platform for Use Them In an Expert.
But We Need For It,FSB Indicators That Used In Created Strategies and We Must Convert Them To MQL4 Language. So I Created This Topic To Sharing Ours Programs & Ideas About It Together.

Lets Do It.

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I Need To Help For Converting FSB Percent Change Indicator To MQL4.

Please Help Me.

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Hi Popov & Friends.

Please Help Me For These Indicators Converting :
Whats IndParam & Component ... Commands?It's Not "C" Commands!I Think Popov Maked These Special functions For FSB/FST Programs,Such As IndParam That Like As #Property & With Second & Third Code Like As SetIndex* in MQL4 Codes But Whats Really They Do In FSB?I Understand Some Lines But Not All Of Them.Please Help Me.Because I Really Want FSB's Heikin Ashi & Previous High Low Indicators In MT4 For My Expert Adv.-Thanks smile

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unfortunately I'm not a programmer, so I cannot help you with this issue, but still... if you want to use FSB generated strategies in MT as experts, just use Strategy Trader, that's the whole point of it why it was created. I searched for percent change indicator in mql but no results.

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Some more info:
FSB Indicators are C#, not C

IndParam: on the UI, to set parameters for the indicator

3 types:
IndParam.ListParam[ ] -- values are an array, usually for offering choices like Indicator logic, Price basis, smoothing method

IndParam.NumParam[ ] -- numeric steppers, can set parameter values as int or double

IndParam.CheckParam[ ] -- check boxes, can set booleans. First box is for "Use previous bar value", and FSB sets it automatically.

See screenshot where they are on the UI window:

To see the code for the indicator, go past the IndParams to the Calculate() function. The algorithm is there, before the lines for // Saving the components.

Components are arrays for the indicator values for the entry/exit signals, or to display info on the chart.

Re: Convert FSB/FST Indicators To MQL4.


Can some explain what he AA indicator is and how it operates. I cannot find any literature on this.