Topic: After I started the Generator, nothing really happened. Pls help

Hi, I'm new and hence may miss out something.

I programme my strategy and started the generator.  after waited for a long time with a number of calculation running, nothing seem to be "happening".  I didn't see any trade being opened and after I stop the generator and looked at my account.  My balance or equity still remains the same.

The same goes with the Strategy trader.  After I auto start the EA or strategy.  No trade was open in the demo account.

I just couldn't get to test out my strategy through the generator or the Strategy Trader.

Kindly advise me what to do.



Re: After I started the Generator, nothing really happened. Pls help

Hi Footon,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

It's working perfectly now.  Uninstall and reload the programme.  Don't know what went wrong initially.

This is a dream come true programme.  Thanks so much for coming out with such execellant programme.

1)  I tried to put the strategy to test using the MT4 (stragegy tester) but it cannot work becos not enough bar to generate the test.  What can I do?

2) Can you commend on the result of my strategy?
My strategy has a Max DD 18.87%, Max DD $509, Max Equity DD $4192 and gross profit of $22,758, gross loss $1824.  Number of entry lot for new position is 5%

I don't understand the part about Sent Order = 4663 but executed Order is 91.
Win Trade is 8, Loss Trade is 36, SL=36

3) Is this strategy advisal When I increase the risk ratio, i.e. No of equity lot for new entry=5% and in case of addition to 100%
Thiis is the result:
Acc Bal = $71,846 (initial 10K)
Min A/C = $9906
Max DD = $1323
Max Equity DD = $21,664
Max Equity DD = 43.47%
Gross Profit = $65,762
Gross Loss = $3916
Sent Orders = 4663
Execute Orders = 91
Trade Lots = 502
Win = 8
Loss = 36
Win/Loss = 0.18

4) If I increase the risk to 100% for new position entry with a SL=36.

I turn my initial $10k into $1.627mil

5) If I increase risk to only 7% but 100% increase on the next same dir signal, my A/C bal = $100k

6) If risk is 20% but 100% on the next same dir signal, my A/c bal = $448k

What do you think about these result?  Pls comment.



Re: After I started the Generator, nothing really happened. Pls help

I'm summarising my learning experience for those who are totally new to using Strategy Builder.

One more thing I realised why "nothing happened" when I input my strategy conditions.  The parameters or input I set for my opening logic, somehow does open any trading position at all and hence, my account balance still remain intact.  But when I started to change the various input in my strategy, I start to noticed that the balance begin to change either up or down. 

Initially I always thought that once I input my strategy opening conditions etc, (and since I noticed no change to my account balance), I thought I need to run the generator to test my strategy and see the outcome of my strategy in terms of making profit or lost. 

Now I realised that I don't have to run the generator, as Footon mentioned.  The Strategy builder does it's calculation instanteously (that's amazing).