Topic: Vertical displacement?

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How do I set FST to enter a trade 25 pips below the current price if strategy entry logic is satisfied?
I have seen vertical displacement as an option on various indicators, but not as a global option...

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Re: Vertical displacement?

You can try "Price Move" indicator. It sets a vertical shift in pips according to the selected price (Normally Open). You also set the direction of the shift for a long entry.

Re: Vertical displacement?

is this an entry order? and if so, what happens if it is not triggered?

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Re: Vertical displacement?

I am actually trying to develop a hedging strategy.

I will run two instances of the bot on the same pair on different charts and with different id's and magic #'s.

One strategy will open a long trade when the logic is satisfied.
The other strategy will put an entry order a fixed number of pips (20) below the initial entry point in the opposite direction.

If the price does not drop 20 pionts, I do not want the second order executed.

The complicated part being the execution of an order based on indicator criteria in the past, example being:
1. CCI crosses the -100 line upward
2. 50 ma is higher than the 100 ma,
1. place an entry order to open a short position 20 pips below the price when opening criteria was met.
2. Do not open short position unless price drops 20
3. Cancel any unopened entry orders or close open orders when closing criteria are met

Any suggestions on implimenting this would be extremely helpful!


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Re: Vertical displacement?

if I use the opening logic of the first strategy in reverse (meaning open short when I would have opened long), and use a price move criteria of 20, a position will only be opened on the second strategy IF price drops 20 points from the price when the opening criteria is met. Is this correct?

Is it required that the whole 20 pip movement happen during the same bar that the indicator criteria iare met? Or can the movement happen over several bars following the entry criteria?