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Topic: EURUSD 7885 pips


base - price close

The fast MA crosses the slow MA downward
moving average exponential
fast -  1
slow - 6
shift - 0

%K period - 11
fast %D -     2
slow %D -    2
level -         0

The fast MA crosses the slow MA upward
fast -   4
slow -  22
shift -  0

What does the
sent orders - 347
executed orders - 173  How can I see the orders thet are notexecuted, or how does the FSB calculate them ?

Re: EURUSD 7885 pips

The number of sent order can be equal or greater than the number of executed orders.
It is because some orders can be canceled. It usually occurs when there is a signal during an open position and the logic of the "Same Direction Signal" is  "Nothing", when the second signal is in the direction of the current trade. Also the opposite signal is canceled when the "Opposite Signal" logic is "Nothing"

Canceled  orders we have when the order price is not reached and the order is valid to the end of the current bar. Also FSB cancels the exit orders when the target position have been closed from an opposite entry signal before reaching the stop level.

You can see the order status at the journal tables at your right hand side.

There is currently a bug that shows an entry order when adding to a position with a status Canceled instead of Executed. This bug will be corrected in next version of FSB. Probably next week.