Topic: more than 1000 pips in one year using contrarian donchian strategy

I tried out the contrarian strategy using the following settings
First identify the weak currency in 2006-2007. Clearly dollar is weakening against the euro and GBP.
1. Use daily data
2. enter long on a 10 day low
3.Enter only long positions
4. Add to position if same direction signal occurs
5. Limit lots to 4
6.Exit on a 10 day high value
7. Pip spread is 4, swap number is 1
8. Data horizon April 1st, 2006 to april 1st, 2007


Account balance 1153 pips

Minimum account -90 pips
Maximum account 1347 pips
Maximum drawdown 341 pips
Gross profit 1584 pips
Gross loss 431 pips
Sent orders 685
Executed orders 37
Dealt lots 54
Time in position 41 %
Charged spread 116 pips
Charged roll-over 468 pips
Charged fees 584 pips
Balance without fees 1737 pips


Account balance 1988 pips

Minimum account -573 pips
Maximum account 2789 pips
Maximum drawdown 801 pips
Gross profit 3362 pips
Gross loss 1374 pips
Sent orders 722
Executed orders 39
Dealt lots 58
Time in position 54 %
Charged spread 116 pips
Charged roll-over 608 pips
Charged fees 724 pips
Balance without fees 2712 pips

This strategy did not work with CHF, but worked every time with euro and pound stirling, maybe because the market looked sideways.