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Topic: A Little Confused

Hello and Thank you up-front for the reply!

From what I could read about FSB, you get the feeling that FSB is an MT4 code generator.  Here's why.

Quote taken from the Forex Strategy Trader site:

"Forex Strategy Trader is a free trading platform working via Meta Trader system. It can automatically send and execute trading orders based on a predefined strategy. The visual interface allows users to create their own strategies in a few clicks without worrying about programming and coding the logic. All the components of a strategy can be easily found in the user-friendly menus and can save hours for anyone who has previously tried to create his own Expert Advisor in MT and found it overwhelmingly difficult."

and this...

"...All the possible rules and combinations are accessible through drop down menus and after the strategy is set all you need to do is connect to the Meta Trader terminal and click "Start Execution". As long as you are online the software will follow the logic and trade automatically. Even the novice traders will find it easy to create trading strategies in minutes and those who are more advanced and know the dealings of Expert Advisor building, can save a lot of hassle and formula writing."

All of these statements give the reader the impression that FSB and quite possibly FST, are both MQL code generators that produce open code EAs.  Then you read this from the FAQ site:

"Q: Which broker to use to apply the strategy created with FSB?

It's not important which broker you use as long as their trading platform includes the usage of the indicators in your own strategy."

Well, what if my Trade Strategy includes not just one but MANY custom indicators that are not a part of the Intermediary's MT4 Platform?  Will FST not be able to auto-execute the Trade Strategy against that particular Intermediary Trade Execution Server?

In addition, you later learn that you cannot import pre-formed MQL code (someone told me this in another section of the forum) into either FSB or FST.  So, that tells me that FSB generates either proprietary code (possibly a lower level machine code), or a much higher level higher level encrypted MQL code.  If it is fully proprietary, then won't my Trading Strategy be limited to the strength of the logic hard-coded into FSB/FST?  If my Trading Strategy is more complex than what FSB's logic will allow, then how can I possibly use FSB to recreate my Trading System?

Also, I read on the Forex Strategy Trader site, that FST had built-in menus with all of the logical functions and operators for use when creating the Trade Strategy.  The way things are presented is a little bit confusing, as it makes it seem like there are in fact two (2) platforms for building Strategies.

A little help in understanding, please.   smile

Re: A Little Confused

Thank you Footon, I appreciate your reply.  I wish someone from the software development company had at least tried to participate in answering the questions.  Again, thanks!  smile

Re: A Little Confused

Hi JediTrader,
in few words:
FSB is a strategy builder, it uses C# language similar to NinjaTrader use the same indicators in C# (source can be downloaded here: http://forexsb.com/library/source/), it can create strategies and present them in readable format in OVERVIEW section. By no means Popov calmed anywhere that it can be exported directly to MQL. However, you can definitely ask MQL coders to create EA based on the logic provided in Overview, it takes only one day to do that for experienced coder and it is very detailed.

However, Mr. Popov created FST so it can execute trades TO MT4 using FSB/FST->MT4 bridge, there are plenty proprietary Applications which do the same way as it is much easier to do that then API.

Hopefully I clear your confusions. any questions welcome.