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How can i backtest with FSB, only for long directions.
Not automatic long and short like the defaut using on FSB !

Anyone can give me a clue ?

Re: Only long positions

I use the indicator "Long Short", it lets you choose long or short entries only.

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Thank you Krog!
that is it !

Let me ask you what do  you thing it is a good profit on a EA ?  How many PIPs ? to year or another period of time.

Re: Only long positions

It's really how much you want or enough for what you need. Multiply the pips by your leverage, and that will give you an approximation of how much money it would generate. It won't be exact though, because most likely it would depend on how well you could follow your strategy, spreads, how well the actual trades follow your EA, rolls, etc etc.

I've tried some EAs with 90-100 pip targets. They worked in back testing and in actual trading for a while, but did not work over time. I think it's because to get 100 pips, it relied on the Europe market following the Tokyo market's move. It may be better to target the average pip move for the market that's active during the time you place trades.

I find it most useful to look at FSB's Equity balance line. If an EA has a generally upwards line, it indicates consistency. Some EAs generate a lot of pips, but the Equity line would show it went  straight down, then straight up. Not good for me -- after a week of losers, I'd consider the EA no longer working.