Topic: from $3,000 to $124,418 in 3 years

I just played around with this strategy and computed whopping gains. Is this for real or what?  drawdown is big though...50%

Statistic Information
Market Account
Symbol EURJPY Intrabar scanning Not accomplished
Period 5 Minutes Interpolation method Pessimistic scenario
Number of bars 200000 Ambiguous bars 0
Date of updating 09/24/09 Tested bars 199922
Time of updating 22:50 Initial account 3000.00 USD
Date of beginning 01/04/07 Account balance 124418.00 USD
Time of beginning 05:00 Minimum account 1669.00 USD
Minimum price 112.1 Maximum account 124418.00 USD
Maximum price 169.96 Maximum drawdown 15906.00 USD
Average Gap 1 pips Gross profit 163105.00 USD
Maximum Gap 303 pips Gross loss -41687.00 USD
Average High-Low 10 pips Sent orders 401001
Maximum High-Low 262 pips Executed orders 139
Average Close-Open 5 pips Traded lots 924
Maximum Close-Open 254 pips Winning trades 43
Maximum days off 5 Losing trades 26
Maximum data bars 200000 Win/loss ratio 0.62
No data older than No limits Time in position 99 %
No data newer than No limits Charged spread 1888.00 USD
Fill In Data Gaps Switched off Charged rollover 6610.00 USD
Cut Off Bad Data Accomplished Charged commission 0.00 USD
  Charged slippage 0.00 USD
  Total charges 8498.00 USD
  Balance without charges 132916.00 USD
  Account exchange rate 100.0000

Re: from $3,000 to $124,418 in 3 years

Neat! Do you mind sharing your actual strategy here?