Topic: Opening and closing conditions exclusives?


First of all, thanks for this program, it looks good. But I'm not sure it's convenient enough for me, so we'll see after your answers wink

Question #1. ENTRIES
The strategy I'd like to test needs both Bar Opening and Pivot Points to satisfy particular conditions, but when I try to enter it in FSB, it looks like I can use only either one of them. When I choose Bar Opening, I can't find the Pivot Points in the other Logical conditions, or vice versa. What can I do since I need both of them?

Question #2. EXITS
My TP is always set to the nearest S/R line of the trade, ie. if long, the TP will be R1 if the trade has been put below it, or R2 if the trade was initiated above R1, etc. I can only find fixed pivots, in FSB, what am I missing?

Question #3. EXITS
Another one, kind of the same problem as my first question: my exits are multiple, for example I have an ATR stoploss, but also a TP (cf. question 2), and a trailing stop in some cases. How do I put all this, since when I choose one the others are not available anymore?

Re: Opening and closing conditions exclusives?

OK so basically there's no one here anymore... too bad.:(