Topic: Sell stop buy stop

Does anyone know if it is possible to create a trailing sell stop and a trailing buy stop.

Thanks in advance

Re: Sell stop buy stop

You can use Trailing Stop Limit indicator in the Closing Point of the Position slot.
The Stop and Limit are set in pips (1 pip = 0.00001 for 5 digit broker).

Re: Sell stop buy stop

Sorry I didn't explain properly I meant is there a function for a trailing pending order. So when I place a sell stop/ buy stop it will drag it behind the current price price by a nominated value of pips

thank you

Re: Sell stop buy stop

If you set "Steady Bands" as an exit indicator, it will place two exit levels - below and above the base price on a predefined number of pips. These levels will be updated at every new bar. By default "Steady Bands" uses a ME as a base, but you can set a period of 1 and "Base Price" - Open, so the exit levels will be at +- Margin in Pips from Open price.