Topic: Question about tickdata

I think FSB replaces everytime the previously imported data (I made one file for every year for better performance). Should the tickdata (from Dukascopy) be stored in one file?
If yes, wouldn't it be better to store in different files?

Can s.o. tell me how to store and handle the tickdata for better performace?

I noted that sometimes to scan intrabar for tickdata for one month takes only about one minute but for another month it takes about an hour (same strategy, settings and tf). Do I something wrong? Or is the tickdata "a bit damaged" in some places?

Re: Question about tickdata

FSB uses one file for each single period including tick data. There is no easy solution to change that. Probably you can backup/rename the old imported files to prevent overwriting.

The testing speed deends on the count of order and count of ticks..