Topic: I need assistance.

Hi, I am a newbie in forex but has a busy schedule that will not allow me to trade often. Can someone help me with an ea or script described below?
I need an ea or script which opens a trade at a specified price and opens 50 LIMIT orders(the number of trades should be adjustable) in the same direction at an interval of 250 pips(should be adjustable) using 1,2,3,4,5 lots up to 50 lots(adjustable standard micro or mini lots). E.g the ea opens a sell limit order at 0.1 lot for gpb/usd at 1.2000, it opens another sell limit order of 0.2 lot at 1.2250, 0.3 lots 1.2500, etc up to 50 limit orders. Likewise for buy limit trade. The ea should be able to do buy and sell stops order too.
The ea or script should be able to close the trade if the Take Profit reaches a specified amount(adjustable).
The price to open the first trade, the type of limit trades(whether limit or stop orders), the interval to open limit trades, lots to open for each trade (UP TO 50 LIMIT TRADES), stop loss for each limit trade and Take Profit should be adjustable.

Re: I need assistance.

You can use the MT4 platform to create your own EA or script or find one that has already been developed and meets your specific requirements. There are many free and paid EAs and scripts available online that can help automate your trading and save you time.