Topic: what are the results we are looking for

I know we want to make money
But there are so many variables on the results page to deal with and the results are confusing to me.
of course im new at this and i know it will take some time to figure out.
the statistic information i can't seem to understand what it all means.
What is good and what is bad results.
Do you want low drawdown or is there an optimum # ?
executed order what am i looking for ?
dealt lots ?
lots of ?s
some trades may look good with high balance and big profit to loss ratio
but,  will the work for real, that is the ?
please help 
thankyou for all your help
this is fun, but very confusing, probably because im new and it will take time to figure it out
it takes practice like everything else we try to learn

Re: what are the results we are looking for

Intrabar scanning - Not accomplished - It shows whether or not you have scanned the strategy using the intrabar data. You should make it if there are any ambiguous bars.

Interpolation method - Pessimistic scenario - This is the method used from the backtester.
As I understand they are:

Pessimistic - the tester tends to execute the orders in order to produce a more negative result.

Optimistic - the tester executes order in way of that it shows better result

Nearest - when you entered long at 1.25 and there are stop at 1.22 and limit at 1.30 FSB executes the stop because of it is nearer to the entry order.

Random - looking at the above example the stop has greater chance to be executed because of that it is nearer to the entry order. The probability in this case is 5/3. the price has to move 5 pips to the limit order and 3 pips to the stop order. So it is easier for it to reach the stop order first.

Shortest - the price is maximum effective here. It travels on the shortest way  through the bar. It is:
- for the light bars: Open - Low - High - Close
- for the dark bars: Open - High - low - Close

Ambiguous bars - 0 - These are bars where the backtester is not pretty sure in the order of execution. In other words - there is more than one variant of interpolation the bar.
The lower - the better
If the ambiguous bars are more than 0 you should try the method comparator and the scanner.

Tested bars 4736 - this number is usually lower than the number of the bars in the data file. If you have 500 data bars but you are using MA of period 21 the tested bars are 500 - 21 = 479
the tested bars have to be more than 300

Account balance -12394 pips - the higher - the better smile but the shape of the chart is more important

Minimum account -13108 pips - If it is lower then -1000 you are probably out of the market

Maximum account - 1110 pips - It should be near to the Account balance

Maximum drawdown - 14218 pips - This is probably the most important parameter together with the account balance. It shows the maximum drop of your account in pips. If your account balance have been 1500 usd after that it declines to 1000usd and after that rises to 1700usd you are $200 in profit  and your maximum drawdown is $500. Now imagine that you start trading with $300. This strategy will potentially zerro you account.
Max drawdown has to be less than 300pips or 30% of your initial account (expressed in pips here)

Gross profit - 126471 pips - this is the sum of all profitable deals only

Gross loss  - 138865 pips - the loosing deals only

Sent orders - 14208 - the number of orders FSB has send to the "broker" during the test period

Executed orders - 9472 - the number of orders have been executed. The other (Sent - Executed) have been canceled.

Dealt lots -  9472 -  The number of lots you have traded.
Example: Buy 1 lot, add 1 lot, add 1 lot, close the position. You have 4 executed orders but 3 dealt lots.

Time in position - 100 % - The time you have open position on the market. For an reversal system it is 100%. The optimum is somewhere between 30% and 60%

Charged spread - 18944 pips - more deals more spread. It concerns the intraday systems.

Charged roll-over -  0 pips - You pay rollover when transfer a position to the next business day. It concerns the long term systems.

Charged fees -  18944 pips - this is the cost of your trade sad
It is better to be near or lower than your net account.

Balance without fees - 6550 pips - Your profit without fees - spread- 0 and swap number - 0. This is the market I want.   

Have fun and do not take it too seriously smile

Re: what are the results we are looking for

thank you so much
all that information is so helpful
little by little i will get this all figured out
i sure appreciate the help
happy trading