Topic: Prevent effect of Order Chain

Hello Traders,

I'm thinking about how to prevent the effect of the order chain when running a new expert.

By "order chain" I mean that it does matter what is the current position state on the backtest when we run it for the first time on a chart.

Let's have a case when a strategy finishes the backtests with an open long position. (Yes, we have an option in EA Studio to close the last position at the end of the backtest, but let's have it off now.)
If we run the expert in MT, it checks the account for an active position for the particular Magic Number and doesn't find one. Therefore, the expert may open a new position at the next bar and it may happen to be a short one.

It is always advisable to run an expert when it finishes flat on the backtest. However, how we will know that.

Now I'm thinking to add something to show us what is the final state of the strategy no matter if the backtester has closed the position automatically.

Here is an idea to mark the last position on the balance chart (direction with entry price)

Do you think it is good, or does it makes the chart ugly?

Another option is to add it among the Backtest output params.

Do you think it is a useful feature? If so, how do you prefer to be presented?

Re: Prevent effect of Order Chain

Just uploaded a new version of EA Studio with this feature for testing.

There is a long position at the end of the backtest on the screenshot below. It means that if we run the strategy now, it may deviate from the backtest.

This strategy is "flat" at the end of the test. (It has no open position).
It is safer to run it now.


It is easier to scroll your collection from the Editor with Ctrl + left/right arrow. (The collection must be calculated)

Re: Prevent effect of Order Chain

Added information for the end-of-test status on all balance charts.


Old collections must be re-calculated to show the actual state. It is necessary because I added the end-of-test status just now and the old Collection records don't have it.

Re: Prevent effect of Order Chain

Now, when we have end-of-test positions for each strategy, I decide to gather some stats.

What if most of the strategies show position in one of the directions. Is it mean it is the most probable direction at the moment?

What will be if we make a Portfolio Expert, which instead of opening a single position for each of the strategies, opens one position of the direction voted by all?


> What if most of the strategies show position in one of the directions.
It simply means that the market either rise or falls and the strategies take advantage of that.

If you think this statistic is meaningless, I'll remove it.