Topic: Optimize EA for other brokers

I used metatrader demo to generate strategies in ea studio, how do I optimize it for other brokers? (same timeframe,same number of bars, same currency pair)

I tried importing it under strategy tab and changing it to my broker (SPAM) but it gave me a straight downward line. (an example is in the attached image)

I also tried using validator but it don't even pass validation.

What is the correct method of optimizing EA for other brokers ?

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Re: Optimize EA for other brokers

You use Optimizer for strategy optimization. But if such a small difference in data makes the strategy plummet like a stone, you have to think really hard about keeping this strategy as it seems to be over-optimized to say the least and without an edge to exploit.

Re: Optimize EA for other brokers

Thanks Footon, I will look into that