Topic: Try new terminal Mobius Trader for free

Hello everyone!

My name is Olesya. I am partner of the company Mobius Soft Ltd that created the new trading platform Mobius Trader 7!

We will be glad to provide you platform Mobius Trader 7 for testing for free for 30 days. If you are satisfied with the platform Mobius Trader 7 , we will be happy to cooperate with you and will be ready to listen to your offers on price of platform and its servicing. (Our max price of platform is 1500€ for install and 600€ per month)

How does our terminal differ from MT4 / MT5 terminals:
On a free basis for a period of 30 days, we offer a full package of services:
Mobius Soft terminal for Windows, iOS, Linux
Mobile terminals for Android, Iphone
Web terminal
fully functional trader cabinet and partner cabinet, which is integrated into the terminal
administrator account
fast integration of the system into the web site using iFrame.

2) The existence of tick chart (you can watch the history of transactions, watch the market depth, set it in large size and trade with it)

3) You will have an opportunity to use trailing stop with execution on the server

4) You can fully see the history of the ask price and the bid price.

5) The possibility of direct delivery of currencies (the transformation of trade transactions in the balance transactions) - that shows your level in front of customers

6) You will receive the highest quality quotes and servers (over 120 instruments) - stocks, metals, currencies and cryptocurrency.

7) You will be provided with cryptocurrency quotes 24/7

8) You can open and close deals in one click

9) You can move take profits, stop loss and pending orders on the chart

10) All your accounts will be in one user account, authorization by e-mail

11) You can easily switch between your accounts

12) You will have an ability to choose trading between cent / dollar accounts and to change the account type on your own in the settings.

13) Advisors and indicators are programmed in Javascript - the most popular world programming language.

14) You do not need to rent a server - all servers are in our cloud.

15) You will be satisfied with user-friendly interface of downloading history (clear indication of the date from which you need to download the chart)

We are customer-centric company, so it is very important for us to know your suggestions and wishes.

Using platform Mobius Trader 7, you will be delighted with its functionality and will be convinced that this is the platform of the future trading.

Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

You can also connect with owner of terminal Mobius Trader 7 - )

Respectfully yours,

Mobius Soft Ltd