Topic: Crypto market condition opinion

For the last year the crypto market is in a falling wedge and I think that we are near the end of that pattern.
Market sentiment slowly is starting to go back to the positive side after a whole year of falling.
From the development side and infrastructure in 2018 we have seen so much build and accomplished on the development front, either for btc, eth and projects that utilize this space either trading platforms (PrimeXBT, Binance, Huobu) or projects (CargoX, Qtum, Zil etc..) who use blockchain technology to change or improve something.

We have seen development from regulation, institutions interest and investment are starting to go into the market as we see many big names investing or have plans to invest into this space.

We see many big name retail shops and companies starting to accept btc or in somekind being involved into the market either by accepting or some investment.

I think that we are bound to have a very positive time in this space at least for the next 3-4 years.