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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: December 11, 2018

The euro major pair induced a bearish outside reversal on Monday and was not successful to breakthrough the symmetrical triangle on another Brexit uncertainty. The UK Prime Minister Theresa May postponed the vote on the exit deal which was already anticipated. The added pressure pushed the British currency since April last year and adds pressure to the risky assets resulted in picking up momentum to the safe haven bidding of the US dollar in the broad market.  Furthermore, the possibility of a hard Brexit to continue in the past 24 hours. Hence, risky assets may gain more pressure at least until the uncertainty of Brexit was removed. Euro was also pushed down in the broad market yesterday as French President Macron announced economic emergency regarding the yellow vest protests.

The spread between the US 10-year yield and its German counterpart was 260 basis points, which was the lowest level since October 1. On a technical aspect, the sudden overnight retracement resulted in a short-term bullish breakout that may lead to a fake-out. The weakness lower than the area of 1.1350-45, it strengthens the possibility of a breakout and hastens the movement towards another ascending trend-line support. A continuous weakened movement will push the pair in returning to the yearly lows of 1.1215. On the other hand, a breakout in the solid resistance will likely move the pair towards the 1.1500 level.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: December 12, 2018

The euro major pair is trading within a range after the sudden drop to the overnight lows at 1.1400 below the middle of 1.13. The US dollar reversed the majority of its early losses following the release of the core PPI data which is one of the main factors to influence the overnight decline of the pair. The currency was further pushed lower bu the Italian finance minister Giovanni Tria’s rhetorics over the fixed budget of Italy within the European Commission. Yet, the pair has gotten steady caused by the positivity of the Sino-US session trade talk and reaches close to the previous low.

The US President Donald Trump has said Reuters would get involved if these will support the trade deal with China. Moreover, further negotiations are already taking place via the phone but if necessary, he is willing to meet with President Xi Jinping once again. Consequently, the US dollar weakened as a safe haven in Asia the puts a stop to yesterday’s sharp decline.

On the headlines, the European markets anticipate for the release of the Industrial production data while on the US, the Core CPI & Crude Oil Inventories data are scheduled today. The price action will be highly affected by the ongoing political issues in Europe and US macro data, which will highly likely bring in volatility in the market. Considering the technical perspective, calm bidding was seen during the Asian session after the Nov 13 and 28 lows yesterday. Meanwhile, the rising trend line resulted in a deeper sell-off and a bullish reversal is established when the price goes above the 55-day moving average.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: December 17, 2018

The euro major pair had a reduction triangle breakdown on Friday after the rise of global growth fears, resulting for traders to shift to equities to minimize risks. The pair is currently trading in the flat as investors are looking forward to FOMC as guidance.

Traders continue to draw bids, sending the euro major pair at as lower rate towards the latest low of 1.1215 if the global equities continue to be the solution amid the rising uncertainty of growth internationally. On Friday, weak economic data from China has awakened fears for a global economic slowdown and lessens investor’s appetite for riskier assets. People looking for safety has strengthened the US dollar as a safe-haven that increases the dollar by 1 and a half year high, inducing a strong selling of the EUR/USD pair. The common currency was further dampened by the weakened German and eurozone PMI in December, indicating a prominent slow down from both manufacturing and services. These data confirmed the dovish sentiment of ECB on Thursday and pushed traders to lessen expectation for next year’s rate hike. It further pushes the common currency to break through lower than 1.13. 

Yet, the mixed result from the US macro calendar resulted to a decline of both Industrial/Manufacturing production data and PMI despite the retail sales data, prompting sluggish business growth and reduces prospect for fed rate hike in 2019, limiting the euro decline and triggers a rebound from below and hover above 1.13 as market closed for the week. Meanwhile, the broad-based market for the dollar pushes the euro lower. It was able to trade flat during the Asian session starting the trading session for the week. Currently, the euro major pair is trading flat at 1.1307 with an apparent increase of 0.015 on the day. Meanwhile, the pair is showing a positive trend while the upside continues to be restricted by the FOMC update being the major event for the week, which will influence the future trading of the dollar.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: December 19, 2018

The euro major pair stays higher than the mid-level of 1.13 during the Asian session today. Early morning the price grew by 100 pips from Friday last week low of 1.1270 and rebounded from a two-week low and continues to move forward on Tuesday, despite the not-so-good data on German Ifo business climates in December due to broad-based USD sell-off momentum. Meanwhile, Italy has reached an agreement with the European Union regarding the controversial issue on the budget which supported the positive drive for the euro bulls but was not able to induce a bullish breakout.

The dollar sell-off was from the retracement from 1.5 years last  Friday that further worsened by the concerns of the slow rate from the Federal Reserve or put on hold with the sharp drop of the dollar index reaching one week low yesterday. The Bearish pressure grew higher after the intervention of the US president on the Fed’s monetary policy that influenced further the weaker sentiment. The pair grew to 1.1400, gaining 40 pips over one week but soon began its decline from highs and settled to 40 pips from a daily swing high. The pair was able to hold range-bound trading in the upper half of 1.13 across the Asian market. On the headlines, traders will give their attention to the anticipated US FOMC interest rates decision while the US Fed is presumed to raise their rates by 25 bps, which was the fourth rate hike this year and look forward to the increase in 2019 on a “dot-plot” which will determine the short to medium term sentiment on greenback and possible give a new direction for the major currency.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: December 26, 2018

The euro major pair began with a lead over the dollar for this week due to various negative reasons such as high tensions with the US government tension concerning the White House and the Federal Reserve. Trading has been calmed during the Asian session amid the holiday season with the majority of the market are closed. Yet, bull traders are heedful given various factors such as geopolitical concerns and a sluggish economy that prompts investors to be careful with the thin market trading and European markets closed and internal crisis with the US.     

There is no expected macroeconomic data to influence trading even for just a short period of time that has also put a limit to liquidity in the market. The EUR/USD pair is presumed to resume its bullish trading in favor of the greenback across the trading hours. Meanwhile, investors are focus on the US CB Consumer Confidence data and new home sales data scheduled to be released on Thursday, followed by the German CPI data on Friday that may give short-term opportunities.

The pair continues to move higher for the week on a broad-based weaker dollar but may face a strong resistance that may be difficult to surpass because of lack of momentum in the market. Technical trading continues to move with not much changes since the beginning of the week.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: December 27, 2018

After the holidays, the pair has moderate gains while the pair undergoes pressure on Wednesday, removing weekly gains. However, despite no macroeconomic data releases and thin trading sessions, the dollar strengthened amid the rising US Treasury bond yields. It was able to move steadily above the level of 96.50, which supports the greenback and declined lower than 1.14 and further moved as low as 1.34. The risk appetite has restricted the losses after the Wall Street rally and optimistic Asian equity market by the year-end trading session. To some level, this sustains the volatility and recoup from losses and return to the level of 1.38.

Fundamental data are expected from the ECB and two economic data namely the dovish CB Consumer Confidence and new home sales data that is anticipated to give a rising forecast for the month of November. Nonetheless, no matter how the data came out, the pair is likely to move range-bound amid the thin market for holidays which may limit any major upward movement. Next week’s forecast will probably be the same during the holidays for this week.

On a technical aspect, the price continues to have a bearish pressure in the present and future trading. Short-Term support was found close to the 200-SMA and base of the weekly range with some sort of bearishness to 20-SMA. However, below the midlines lacking any strength gives a neutral stance with uncertain direction.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: January 10, 2019

The euro major pair was successful to have a bullish breakout in a wider price range for the past three months. It was driven mainly by a dovish Fed meeting after an update in China-US trade deal which was being followed by almost everyone. During the American session, the long-term resistance was broken at 1.14985 giving a good momentum after a bullish breakout as the price ranges at 1.15 followed by consolidation at Asian hours. Meanwhile, the Fed minutes pushed the price for a breakout which then underwent a bearish bias before the release of the Fed minutes given the dovish rhetorics from various FOMC members.

Some of the committee members are supports the rate hike amid the continuous slowdown since December throughout the world market, as well as, the US economy. Moreover, this shows that the majority of the members monitors the market carefully, considering the sluggish pace of rate increase along with the investor’s expectations to pause the rate hike plans this year. On a long-term perspective, this engages major fund flow in the market as a safe-haven currency with a risk of a recession for short-term due to Fed plans of multiple rate hikes. This greatly impacted the USD bulls and foster risk appetite in the market.

Meanwhile, investors attention are now on the ECB’s most recent minutes of the meeting as they look forward to the economic slowdown in the European market or hints on the possibility of an early rate hike by the central bank in 2019. This could further strengthen the euro bulls to break higher than the 1.16 mark.

As for the fundamental reports, the initial jobless claims, new home sales data and a speech from Fed Chair Jerome Powell are anticipated today from the US market that would likely bring short-term profit opportunities for retail traders.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: January 15, 2019

The euro was able to close yesterday with optimism despite risk-off trading that is predominant in the market after a disappointing release from Chinese import and export data. Today, we can expect the pair trading range-bound with a bit of a positive bias but not a major increase as traders are still careful with the upcoming Brexit approval vote in the UK House of Commons. The output is anticipated to have a strong impact on short-term price movement between the British pound and the euro in the broad market. Although, the general forecast in the market is expecting a rejection in the vote today unless it goes against public anticipated outcome. If so, the euro will struggle with any big changes in the price movement.

After the parliament vote on Brexit but not optimistic to Theresa May limit volatility in the market to a certain degree. The market already positioned and expected the rejection of Brexit will win over May’s, which the headlines will give fundamental support to euro. The US greenback is leasing against broad-based risky sell-off yesterday. However, the  US dollar in calm given the partial shutdown of the US government added to the dovish bias of the Fed's policy rate hike that adds pressure to the greenback on the broad market.

On the headlines, three data are expected including French CPI & HICP data, French GDP data & Euro area trade balance data. An increase in French GDP is anticipated to rise in monthly readings while others remain the same. From the US, data on Trade balance and PPI are anticipated to be released with a dovish bias compared to the previous numbers. Traders are anticipated to look for short-term opportunities given the expected speech of ECB Draghi in today’s US session and FOMC member Robert Kaplan, which will likely bring high volatility in the market.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: January 21, 2019

The euro major pair struggles amid the geopolitical and economic problems that resulted in calm price action. It broke the significant support level of 1.1364 on Friday. It drops as low as 1.1353 given the dovish pressure from the European market in euro for the week, despite the steady risk appetite. With euro affected by the political concerns, these events continue to bring in a bearish influence on Monday session that is anticipated to limit the upward potential in the European market. A number of European news, including Brexit deal negotiation, “Anti-EU Axis” of Italy, French yellow vest protest, have continuously affected the economic activity. At the same time, this hurts the investors’ risk appetite in the background of China-US trade war also puts a ceiling to the bullish possibilities of the pair.

The trade war between China and the US remains to be the main factor, influencing the long-term high-risk assets in the global market, as well as other news that gives rise to the higher risk in worsening the trade war while bearing in mind the issue on Intellectual property infringement to influence the long-term trend and suggests a higher possibility of a downward movement of short-term trades. On another hand, China’s GDP implies growth despite trade war that has slowed down the Chinese economy in less than 30 years, which in turn keeps steady the risk appetite in Asian markets. This boosted the rebound of the pair last week following a post minor consolidation at the beginning of the Asian market. However, there is not enough headlines to support the bulls, hence, limited its uptrend at 1.137 prior to the European hours.

On the economic calendar releases, it seems to be subdued for both currencies but expecting for the German PPI data that is presumed to drop compared to the previous reading of the European economic climate and largely impact the near-term trading of the common currency. Amid the careful sentiment of the global market with the prevalent risk appetite and lack of fundamental data for the euro, we can assume for the resumption of a bearish price movement of the pair in the future.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: January 23, 2019

The euro closed on a neutral stance yesterday after a sudden two-way price action due to recent headlines. While there is a high demand for safe-haven assets reaching a 16-day low in the early trading session, the US equities dropped on conflict with the China-US trade war that resulted for the US dollar to decline in the broad market, supporting the recovery of euro from intraday lows. On the other hand, the US dollar sustained its bullish momentum with rising concerns with a trade war, which sets risk off trading and yields range-bound trading during Asian hours and closed today’s post on a neutral state. Moreover, the US dollar is influenced to have a dovish sentiment in the broad market on rate hike plans for the year and partial government shutdown.

News implying worsening of the Sino-US will continue to negatively affect global growth, making investors cautious on the negotiation, despite the clear talks during the meeting earlier this month that weren’t exactly published yet and additionally, the US Treasury department commented saying that issues were unsettled.

Given that there are no major releases scheduled both from the US and Europe, the EUR/USD pair is assumed to trade range-bound, higher than the critical support level. News momentum and risk-off trading activity dominated trading on Tuesday. Macro data from the Atlantic area didn’t have any major impact on the price movement. Meanwhile, investors are focused on the ECB and the outcome of the post-MPC conference tomorrow. If ECB members comments aligned with the statement from ECB president Mario Draghi will result in a sharp decline. While investors wait for the MPC update, they are likely to hold back from placing any major bets that also supports the tendency of range-bound trading for today’s trading session.

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Dollar taking place as investors brace for volatile markets; Fed meeting

The euro edged the length of coarsely Monday as investors bought the dollar and prepared for volatile markets ahead of U.S.-China trade talks and a Federal Reserve policy decision.

Investors have focused in this area the subject of Wednesday's Fed meeting together in addition to policymakers are conventional to signal a discontinue in their tightening cycle and to declare you will growing risks to the U.S. economy.

That will likely weigh almost the greenback, which has fallen 1 percent since late December, after enjoying a boost from the Fed's four rate increases in 2018.

On Monday, however, the dollar was buoyed by safe-waterfront buying as traders anxiously await news from U.S.-China talks just about Tuesday and Wednesday to see if the world's largest economies can comply a compromise on the subject of trade.

"Unless there is psychiatry in negotiations, we suspect the cautiously risk swell setting can continue - which should favor higher-malleable below-valued emerging sustain currencies closely the dollar," said Chris Turner, head of foreign disagreement strategy at ING in London.

The dollar index, a gauge of its value linked together in the middle of six major peers was marginally merged at 95.896, after falling 0.8 percent harshly speaking Friday.

Conformity last week to reopen the U.S. supervision for now after a prolonged shutdown condensed fortune-hunter demand for the safety of the greenback.

"The general admin for the dollar is yet the length of and markets will be taking cues from the FOMC this week," said Sim Moh Siong, currency strategist at Bank of Singapore.

"The Fed will most likely save rates steady this year final the disclose of economic lump uncovered the U.S."

The dollar fell 0.1 percent the length of the offshore yuan to 6.7406. The rally in the yuan then fueled a bounce in the Australian dollar, which gained 0.18 percent versus the dollar to $0.7195.

Traders are bearish upon the dollar for 2019.

The euro was marginally weaker upon Monday at $1.14.

The single currency managed to cling upon to a 0.4 percent profit made last week despite the European Central Bank downgrading its ensue forecasts for the close term.

Growth data out of Europe's economic powerhouses such as Germany and France have been weaker-than-usual and analysts expect the ECB to remain dovish for a lengthy mature.

Traders concur Europe's slowdown and a dovish ECB are priced into the euro, which has traded in a $1.12-$1.16 range highly developed than the last three months.

Sterling drifted degrade upon Monday after posting its biggest weekly rise in greater than 15 months last week as investors consolidated positions in the back a series of votes in the British parliament upon Tuesday that will face to fracture a Brexit deadlock.

Analysts expect sterling to remain volatile. Britain is set to leave the European Union upon March 29, but the country's members of parliament remain in the distance from agreeing to a divorce unity.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: January 31, 2019

The euro major is trading within the range close to last night high during the Asian market hours. The profit gain gave a bullish trend previously after the statement from MPC, who decided to keep the interest rates as anticipated. Yet, the increase plans for the year has changed and delayed the increase which prompted investors to wait and monitor traders as a strategy. However, this opens the possibility for the Fed to contract rather than increase the interest rates relative to the economic situation. Consequently, the dollar turned into a dovish sentiment in the broad market. The dollar has had another bullish tone after the Fed update of Fed Chair Jerome Powell during his post-FOMC conference speech saying that the balance sheet reduction that will move along the changes in future economic conditions, according to a news report from WSJ at the beginning of the week.

Yet, trades will likely end earlier amid the pressure due to Powell giving impact on trade wars and chances of the government shutdown in US economy and give a dovish tone. Moreover, the difference in spread between Germany and 10-T bonds dropped in Asian hours amid the dovish sentiment and increasing dollar in the broad market. This supports the euro bulls to gain a stronger stance higher than the 1.15 level. Currently, traders wait for the outcome of the US-China trade war and look for favorable signals for the common currency in the broad market.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: February 1, 2019

The euro major pair is consolidating close to the previous low during trading session amid high-risk appetite in the broad market which limited the decline to 1.14, which has been steady support across the week. News on trade deal being extended despite optimism on progress and major concerns taking straight on, in turn, these supported the dollar bulls. Another news is the possibility for two leaders of US and China are likely to meet this month with positive expectation on the trade deal, however, tariff imposition is also to be discussed if a deal wasn’t successful by March 1st.

Consequently, this shook the market as the trade talk between the EU and the US is scheduled next month to gain agreement from EU should the talk failed. The possibility of the US imposing tariffs on EU is giving a dovish tone for the common currency in the broad market. However, the EUR/USD is likely to decline in the coming month amid the dovish outlook for short and medium-term and lack of fundamental support to maintain the recent high of the euro.

The euro pair is presumed to resume its consolidation ahead of the Eurozone preliminary CPI data and German manufacturing PMI data. However, a negative result on the macro-European data would drive further decline of the pair. A positive outcome would shift the lead to the dollar bulls and opens the chance for a rally and set for consolidation in the intermediate support in the first week of February.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: February 4, 2019

The euro major pair movement was driven by fundamental data, bringing a mixed price reaction. After a very active month, February began with optimism on trading the EUR/USD pair. Yet, it was not able to surpass the high levels with not so good bounce on price action. Moreover, the positive data that restricted the price movement due to the mixed reaction as mentioned. However, bulls doesn’t have enough strength to sustain the present positive flow of the trend amid the dovish sentiment this month, restricting gains slightly lower than 1.15. Moreover, both the data of US NFP data and ISM manufacturing data supported the US dollar lead the market, removing the gains acquired earlier.

As the trading session opened this week, the US dollar had taken the upper hand in the broad market and consolidated close to the intraday lows. Nevertheless, the pair is anticipated to trade within the range since both currencies lack enough momentum to succeed with a breakout. Thinking about the factors such as the headlines and events positioned the bears and bulls at same stance. In the meantime, the price movement in Asian markets are closed for  today that impacted the volatility and price movement in the market. There is no scheduled major economic news from the eurozone while in the US, there is the release of data on Factory orders but will probably not have a big impact on the trading movement.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: February 6, 2019

The euro major pair had a steep drop during yesterday’s trading as the US dollar took the lead in the broad market for the fourth straight days. And yet, the pair was able to move downward with the recent price rally of the pair boosted by the weakened dollar in the market instead of the euro’s strengthening. This occurs in the background of bearish tone due to dovish Fed statements and mixed macro data in the US market. At the same time, the euro is struggling as investors stand heedful with concerns on the economic sluggish growth due to below expectations macroeconomic data in the eurozone. The successful breakout of the dollar was driven by good risk appetite in the broad market, as well as the not so good macro data results.

The macro data also restricted movement in the early American hours while there is an insufficient drive for the euro to maintain its growth with the recent highs. Added to the strengthening of the dollar, it supported a steady downward movement and exceeded multiple significant support levels during the Asian trading session. Continuing on, the pair dropped below 1.14 in the background of the thin market during the holidays and less volatility and trading volume that hindered the market for a breakthrough in the support area.

For today, investors are waiting for the release of macroeconomic data and resulted to a bearish breakout. On the European calendar, the pair remains subdued for the day except for the release of the German manufacturing orders. On the other end, there is the release of building permits, core retail sales,  core durable goods orders, and Preliminary GDP data qoq in the US. A positive outcome of these US macro data induces the pair to overcome the critical support level of 1.1390 that opens further decline of the pair towards the middle of 1.12. Yet, this would support the euro to gain higher than 1.14 given the negative US data but this may not be easy with the greenback growing steadfastly in the broad market for the fifth straight day.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: February 7, 2019

The euro major pair is moving in a steady decline following a bearish breakthrough during the US session. Yesterday, it closed on optimistically for the fifth straight session after it struggled in the morning when Donald Trump gave his speech, giving a chance for investors to divert from risks. At the same time, with a pessimistic fundamental data surrounding the euro and positive macro data from the US supported the dollar for a bearish breakout. Consequently, the pair had a sharp decline prior to consolidation around the middle of 1.13 during the early Asian hours. Fed may have a dovish sentiment on its rate hike but the US dollar sustained its positive position in the market as investors and analysts assume the Fed to proceed with the rate hike this year.

Moreover, a good fundamental data surrounding the US Treasury bond yields support the dollar bulls since the beginning of this week’s trading and hovered higher than 1.362, increasing by 0.06% on the day. With the Asian session traders returning the market after the holidays, the trading volume, as well as volatility are expected to increase significantly. Furthermore, the investors are hoping for good macro data and open opportunities for short-term profit.

In the US, the Initial Jobless Claims data is anticipated while in the EU, several reports are to be released including the EU Economic forecast, German Industrial Production, and trade balance data, and ECB Economic Bulletin. Positive results will spur the euro and likely to sustain its consolidative rate but a negative outcome will further bring the price down towards 1.12.

On the technical aspect, there will be less resistance below as it moves smoothly below the 20-, 50- and 100-MA in daily and hourly intraday charts. As for the indicators, both RSI and stochastic signal lines are directed towards the oversold area in the hourly chart while it is still below the oversold area in the 4-hour and daily charts, which means that there is a high chance for the decline of the pair to continue for the day.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: February 8, 2019

After four succeeding bearish trading, the euro major pair finally gained some momentum towards the end of the week. However, the euro bulls have limited the downward movement and close optimistically for the week. The week began with the US dollar taking the lead amid the thin trading during the holidays affecting market volatility, volume and risk appetite in the majority of the Asian session. Furthermore, below expectations released macro data in the euro zone escalated concerns in the market as investors worry on the tendency of a slowdown in the euro area economic activity amid the Brexit negotiations. In turn, these factors give a bearish sentiment to the common currency. At the same time, this supports the dollar’s attempt for a bearish breakout.

With its decline for a week, the release of macro data from the US hinders the dollar bulls to continue with its further decline. There is no enough momentum for recovery for the dollar bulls given the pessimistic unemployment data while the bulls are in a calm state in the broad market. Yet, the euro cannot take advantage of the upward momentum amid the lack of major economic data to support a price rally. Hence, this results in range-bound trading after intraday lows close to the middle of 1.35, which will likely persist throughout the day since there is minimal chance for a breakout with no fundamental data to support this.

Meanwhile, minor reports are anticipated to come out from the EU and the United States. The German trade balance data and preliminary French Q4 NFP data are anticipated to come out from eurozone while the  WASDE report and U.S. Baker Hughes oil rig count data are scheduled to be released from the US.

On a technical aspect, it seems that it lacks the strength to determine the direction as it stays close to recent lows.

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USD/JPY Technical Analysis: February 22, 2019

The dollar against the Japanese yen is trading slightly higher on Friday amid a relatively low volume. For the sixth trading day, volatility stays below the average after below expectations outcome of the US economic data. Various data including Durable Goods, Core Durable Goods, the Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index, Flash Manufacturing PMI and Existing Home Sales are less than expected outcome which settles the Fed concerns over this economic struggle ahead.

Looking at the early price action, the USD/JPY pair will probably trade for short-term at 110.693. If the price stays above 110.693, it will signify the presence of buyers. The initial target of the week’s high at 110.950. Breaking this level would induce an upward growth to change that closing top price reversal of 111.130.

On the other hand, if the price stays below the level of 110.693, it will indicate the presence of sellers. The primary target will be the main Fibonacci level of 110.452. Crossing to the weak side would mean a stronger drive for momentum with the lower limit at 110.255 as the next goal.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: March 11, 2019

The euro is trading higher on Monday for a while prior to the opening of the US session, driven by the reaction of the market to oversold induced by a steep decline last week. The dovish signals from the ECB last week affect the long-term price movement, hence, we can conclude that the rally will not last for a long time.

It is likely that we are also looking for price parity after the results of a mixed US employment has come out. This implies that the US economy is presently weakening. However, after the recent stimulus program of the ECB, it may mean that the eurozone is on the weaker side of the two nations.

We can expect for low volatility after the release of the US sales report at 12.30 GMT especially if this turns out less than the forecast. The core retail sales report is anticipated to increase by 0.4% while retail sales are likely to come out flat.

According to the daily chart, the price trend is moving downward and if it reaches the level of 1.1176, the downtrend will likely continue. The initial target is the Gann angle at 1.1560 in consideration of the price action at the beginning with upward momentum. Overcoming this angle would mean the short-partaking is getting stronger and could lead to a rally towards the 50% level of 1.1298.

The short-range is presumed to be at 1.1420 and 1.1176 with the retracement zoner at 1.1298 and 1.1327 as the initial upward target. Meanwhile, sellers are likely to test the area given that the main trend is downward. However, if the current intraday fails to exceed today's’ intraday high of 1.1247, then we can assume the possibility of a short-term pullback to a short-term pivot of 1.1213.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: March 13, 2019

Yesterday’s trading of the EUR/USD pair began in a subdued manner for this week. Meanwhile the price moved upward during the Asian and early European session which limited the gains of investors prior to the UK parliament meeting and limits having any major bets. Even after the release of the a mix macro data from the European calendar, the impact was not that prominent on the price movement but a strong resistance was encountered close to the level of 1.127, which then rallied and traded range-bound. This was supported by the mixed macro data which then weakened the greenback. Soon after, the us dollar gained momentum and strengthened in the late European hours after the release of optimistic US macro data.

The European calendar remains calm from the release of non-farm payroll in France in the fourth quarter while in US session,  there is the release of the core CPI update and speech from FOMC member Brainard prior of UK parliament’s vote on Brexit deal. Both of the French and US macro data are unlikely to have a strong impact on the price movement with a neutral forecast or unchanged data. On a technical aspect, a breakout would determine the price direction which will likely be the main reason in short- and long-term outlook. Moreover, with the May deal and widening spread between German and American 10-year bonds will probably favor the US dollar.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: March 15, 2019

The euro major pair moved in a two-way price movement driven by investor sentiment because of headlines. There is high-risk appetite throughout the day which supported the euro to move in a positive price action early in the day. However, news of a delay in meeting between the Chinese and US presidents to sign a trade deal later this month to April which influenced the investor sentiment to be cautious in the late European market hours. In turn, the EUR/USD pair dropped slightly but attention is still focused on the UK parliament vote to extend the article 50 deadline and price in the majority of global traders.

Investors wait for the release of the macro data to get some hints on the trading session which is about to close for the week. On the fundamental reports, data on Italian CPI & HICP and Euro area CPI data from the EU calendar are expected while report on Industrial production data, JOLTs Job Openings, Michigan Consumer sentiment, and Michigan Consumer expectation from the US are scheduled to be published.

On the technical aspect, there is less resistance on the upper side of the channel if Brexit continued in front of the UK parliament and high-risk appetite in the broad market.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: March 25, 2019

This week starts with a fresh new high for the euro major pair. However, all of the gains were erased after the release of a weakened European PMI, particularly from the German and Eurozone. The results were not expected by investors. Moreover, will the presence of uncertainty, there was an increase in selling bias for the currency, which resulted to a downward rally which was mainly due to the weakened manufacturing added to the concerns on US-China trade war in the background of Brexit negotiation that affects the overall imports and exports of the nation. Uncertainty will probably resume during the week. 

With the big drop of the EUR/USD pair on Thursday, the price could not break the resistance level of 1.1318. This was followed by a slight reversal on Monday morning after its plunge to recover the previous losses and reached 1.131.

Fundamental data from the US particularly the Chicago Fed activity index and Dallas Fed manufacturing activity are anticipated in the afternoon. Meanwhile, reports from German will be published by the CESifo group. This gives signals on the present conditions and business assumptions in Germany. Forecasts are positive for these expected data.

Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart

EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: March 26, 2019

The euro major pair began the week with optimism after a sharp drop on Friday. They managed to have positive results across the day and close with a slight upward movement at the end of the day. Events on both the EU and the US bond market had a big impact on the price activity. Meanwhile, the bond market induced a risk-averse reaction to the European and American markets. Yet, the positive macro data from Europe as well as a slight rebound in American bond that lessens the aversion of traders to risk in yesterday’s price movement.

The German macro data favored the euro to have gains. During the US session, it was apparent that there is a healthy risk appetite on trading activity. Thus, the euro closed on an optimistic note in the broad global market yesterday. Yet, the bond market still gives hints for a US recession, which also restricted the gains for euro yesterday.

During the Asian hours, the pair traded range-bound prior to the update of the EU macro data, which will confirm the positive signals. At the same time, the pair has a bearish pressure due to Brexit negotiation. In the meantime, traders are heedful and careful in placing major trades, although the positive fundamental macro data can drive momentum and short-term opportunities for direction.

Today, data on Building Permits, Housing starts, and CB consumer confidence are anticipated from the US and the release of GFK German Consumer Climate data are scheduled from the eurozone.

Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart

EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: March 28, 2019

The euro major pair had a slight correction at the beginning of the Thursday session after the rise in the US dollar index. It rose with a dovish sentiment from the major world banks.

Yesterday, the ECB President Mario Draghi gave a signal of a possibility of a decline in the global economy. The central bank of New Zealand maintained the interest rate but hinted at the likelihood of a rate cut in the near term before or around the month of November. The price remained calm at the level of 1.1387 after the news saying that Theresa May will resign if the deal on Brexit is rejected twice.

Despite the global economy being sensitive, the EUR/USD pair may still have a bright outlook and remain optimistic on closing amid the major events today. Data on business climate for March and the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) index for March from the eurozone are anticipated to be released from Europe while the GDP for the fourth fiscal year is scheduled to be released from the US. This data is important as it would have an impact on major currency pairs including the euro.

The Simple Moving Average was found above the pair’s trading level, which gives a bearish tone for the day. It was able to reach the resistance level of 1.1267 in the past few days and there is a chance to achieve this area again today. However, it seems that there is no momentum to push the pair considering the MACD indicator.

Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart

EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: April 3, 2019

The euro declined more than the strong resistance level of 1.1192 during the North American session after the drop in US-German yield spread. However, the decline seems to have diminished on Wednesday morning. The attempt to work on the strong resistance level has succeeded as it moved slowly towards the next resistance level.

With the most recent optimistic news related to the US-China trade deal almost close to the resolution supported the crude oil prices up to $70 per barrel level, which is also anticipated to raise the EUR/USD pair.

In the Eurozone, Markit will release the March PMI monthly Composite Reports on Manufacturing and services for Eurozone, which is expected to be close to the previous result. Additionally, the February Retail Sales (YoY) from Eurostat is also scheduled in the eurozone. Meanwhile, in the US, the March Non-Manufacturing PMI from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) will be published. Although, this won’t have a big impact.

The pair broke the upper level of 1.1220/1.2230 from 78.6 retracement level. Yet, it failed to break the resistance level of 1.1270 as it trades higher than the SMA for the important levels to come. The pair now have a bullish sentiment on its future outlook. Yet, the MACD shows no hints of bullishness to buy.