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Topic: FREE Double Top/Bottom Indicator - Good Edge


my name is Mike Semlitsch. I'm a professional software developer and I trade since more than 10 years.

My website is www.PerfectTrendSystem.com and I'm happy to provide you a FREE Double Top/Bottom indicator for the MT4 platform which gives you a solid edge over the market:

http://www.perfecttrendsystem.com/doubl … -indicator

The following video shows the great potential of this indicator. The 35 trades in the video had a theoretical performance of 128% profit with 2% risk per trade.

With theoretical performance, I mean that this could have been the profit if you would have exited every trade at the optimal price level. Of course, this can’t be achieved during real trading conditions where you don’t know future price moves.

But the video shows that the raw signals of the indicator (without visual filtering) produced 24 winning trades and only 11 losing trades. In the video, I count a trade as a winning trade if it reaches at least 1R profit (1R = initial risk of the trade). So, these raw signals would be already very profitable if you place the target for all trades at 1R and then leave the trade alone, without trying to find the optimal exit.


Attached is a PDF-file in which I describe the underlying concepts why this indicator is so profitable and how you can even have a better performance through visual filtering.

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Re: FREE Double Top/Bottom Indicator - Good Edge

The following 3 signals on USDCHF H1 were all winners. I promise that this FREE indicator doesn't repaint:


You can get alerts in real-time with the alerter-tool so you can trade such setups even with a day job.

http://www.perfecttrendsystem.com/doubl … om-alerter

Re: FREE Double Top/Bottom Indicator - Good Edge

Two big winners on USDCAD M5. A double top got a 7R winner. A subsequent double bottom got a 2R winner:


The bigger picture on M30 shows the reason for the big 7R winner:


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Re: FREE Double Top/Bottom Indicator - Good Edge

The following video shows that the signals are coming in real-time:


Re: FREE Double Top/Bottom Indicator - Good Edge

Really big winner today on USDCAD on M5:


Re: FREE Double Top/Bottom Indicator - Good Edge

The next evolution of this indicator will be that it alerts "confluence setups".

With confluence setups I mean that a signal of a lower timeframe occurs while a signal of the higher timeframe is developing. The signal of the higher timeframe is not yet confirmed but both setups multiple the edge of the lower timeframe signal.

Here is an example. Today's double bottom on EURCAD M15:


The signal on M15 occurred some minutes before the signal on H1 occurred. Only two-thirds of the condition of the H1 signal were fulfilled. But both setups together add to the edge of the M15 signal.

Here the H1 signal:


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Re: FREE Double Top/Bottom Indicator - Good Edge

Besides multiple other singals the Free Double Top/Bottom Indicator detected a double bottom on EURNZD on M15 within a support zone. It got a 4R winner:


Re: FREE Double Top/Bottom Indicator - Good Edge

This morning a 12 R intraday winner occurred on NZDJPY on M5.

It was a trend continuation double bottom which touched the trend line and then exploded to the upside:


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Re: FREE Double Top/Bottom Indicator - Good Edge

11R and 6R Winner. Both signals were trend continuation double tops:


See also the video. The signals are coming in real-time and are not repainted!


Re: FREE Double Top/Bottom Indicator - Good Edge

You will have the biggest edge with the indicator if you add an edge of the bigger picture. This means that you should FILTER the signals and only choose those signals which are in direction of an edge of the bigger picture.

Edge Of Bigger Picture + Edge Of Signal On Lower TF = Incredible Big Edge

Here are some examples:









Re: FREE Double Top/Bottom Indicator - Good Edge

The best explanation from me so far!

Read how you can get 34% profit with one single trade REPEATEDLY:
http://www.newtraderu.com/2018/02/20/da … g-winners/