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Topic: Question: How to export strategies to *.mq5

After creating a number of strategies I'll use 'Control Panel' to specify a particular destination folder and then use the main menu to export all the strategies -- i.e. "Strategy / Export All Strategies to MT4/5".  The source code is always exported in *.mq4 format -- which is fine, because I use MT4.  But now I'd like to also use MT5, but I haven't found how to export those same strategies in *.mq5 format.

Actually, I just now figured out if I include "MQL5" in the destination path then FSB uses *.mq5 format.  And if that is the only way, that's fine.  I was hoping to not have to always include MQL5 in the destination path.


Re: Question: How to export strategies to *.mq5

I just specify the URL that I want to send the strategies to.....

I have a few different instances of both MT4 and MT5. so I change the URL as needed.

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Re: Question: How to export strategies to *.mq5

Steve, you are right.

FSB Pro checks if the export path contains  "MQL5" (uppercase) and exports EA for MT5. It exports MT4 in the other case.