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Topic: Hybrid Forex Trade Alerts - DDMarkets

Hybrid forex trade alerts consist of the presentation of the trading strategy for the trade alert, entry price, protective stop, take profit, risk ratio and estimated duration (in days). A drawdown management is conducted by ddmarkets to ensure the market exposure remains low at any given time. The risk management is carried by the trader.

This is not new, it's been around for 2 years now so there is a track record. See for yourself if this is something you can benefit from.

Digital Derivatives Markets Trade Alerts

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July 2016 forex signals performance was updated, see if it's for you. DDMarkets signals are different that other providers if you used a signal service before.

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September was tough with GBP but they did make a recovery. They predicted Trump will win the elections and shorted GBPJPY and the Dow. The good thing about ddmarkets signals is that you can see what lead them to believe Trump will win. You can read their US elections signals on the website.

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Ok, here is an update on ddmarkets trading signals. Aside the US elections they didnt quite make it this month yet. Predicting the US elections was great but since then nothing seemed to work out. They use stops for all their signals to recover from in future signals. There is a very small chance you will get into a drawdown because of the stops. There are 4 active signals, only one has the stop at the entry.

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ddmarkets forex signals service is still active. I dont know how many of you guys checked them out but the biggest advantage is that you get the trading strategy for all the forex signals so you can manage it on your own. They do send updates on the signals every day and whats going on in the market.

You probably won't find a similar signals service to ddmarkets that has been in the market for that long with all the signals shown in the track record. If you are too new to forex trading do your homework before joining them. They started covering bitcoin but this is less for me because I just trade forex.