Topic: Good strategies with locked Slots


sometimes it is better to lock an Slot or two.

With what Slots did you get good results.

For example now i have locked Bar Opening as Open Point of Position and RSI as Open Logic Condition.

I got good results. What you do and tell us. To collect some good Presets to start generate.

Re: Good strategies with locked Slots

for me, i ALWAYS do that," i learned that from one of the participants here".

I usually link (not lock) one slot, put max 2 slots only , and rum it for 2hours.

Then, THEN, the work start and could not be finished in less than a week for a good strategy(and many backtesting)...sometimes 2 weeks!

The key point, when you making a strategy, you either use OOS, or make it manually, set the date between two old dates, ex: between jan2016 & jan2017, then start to test it on each new month alone(feb, then march, then april....)