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Hi all,
I have just registered on the Forum and have the Trial software only (at the moment).  I look forward to learning the software and also from the Forum members.

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Hello Dave,

Welcome to the community!

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The Mad Max wrote:

I am a new Forex trader and I have fall a great trouble due to lack of exact trading knowledge which is really supportive to keep survive in this volatile trading place in a proper way.  That’s why now I am passing in pips school and practicing a demo account. I suggest for all the beginners to move any educational site with demo trading.

Trading is a unique and interesting beast. It is well worth it to understand manual trading before attempting to go at the automated variety.
I do manual trading every day as well as using my robots.

Good Trading to you

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Hi everyone. I'm jeremy, new guy here trying to learn about trading. Hope to learn a lot from this forum.