Topic: Hostorical data Jan 2001 to Dec 2009

I have just  located free currency data that span from Jan 2001 to present at .  Can someone help in converting the data for use by FSB?

In my testing I think it essential we find strategies that work over a long historical period for it to behave in the similar way in future trading.

Re: Hostorical data Jan 2001 to Dec 2009

I also have the same problem. I noticed that in Forex Tester and Wealth-Lab there is an option which helps to convert different kind of historical datas to the way the software supports. You can adjust between, yyyymmdd or ddmmyy options like that and software reads any data by that feature. It would be great if FSB had some kind of feature.

Re: Hostorical data Jan 2001 to Dec 2009

Hi Melvin,
I just found a way to convert those data into csv format. A software called EmEditor is very useful for that purpose. It was very hard for me to find that software but I believe that its very easy for someone who know programming.
You can change any data type easily with that.