Topic: The MetaTrader's Tester is Useless

I remember now why I started Forex Strategy Builder 10 years ago - because the MT tester is useless.

I'm trying to make the MT tester printing the tick time for hours and the result is ZERO. It just doesn't work.

Here is a very simple expert that reads the tick time and volume (in 3 ways) in MT5.

void OnTick()
   MqlTick mqlTick;
   string time = TimeToString(mqlTick.time, TIME_DATE|TIME_MINUTES|TIME_SECONDS);
   MqlRates rates[];
   int copied=CopyRates(_Symbol,_Period,0,1,rates);
   PrintFormat("Time: %s, Tick volume: %d, Real volume: %d, MqlTick volume: %d",
      time, rates[0].tick_volume, rates[0].real_volume, mqlTick.volume);

It works in the MT5 chart - shows the time and the volume and resets the tick volume at a new bar:

However, the same expert is useless in the MT5 backtester. It generates thousands of ticks and doesn't show the time. Even the time on the chart is wrong (if someone thinks that the expert has errors). The seconds stay zero.

The MT backtester is useless.

Re: The MetaTrader's Tester is Useless

Hmmm I begin understanding what is going on.

It is a good material for a backtesting video.