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Hi, I have small problem after reinstall the system.

I made some strategies before reinstall and i have saved them in .mq4

I have cleaned the computer, and i cant import my strategies into the FSB now.

Is there any way to import it to FSB, or i have to do it one more time (or copy it somehow from mql to xml - im not sure if i can do them from the beginning), because i dont have those strategies in xml files hmm

Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: Mql upload

You can find the strategy's xml on line 76 of the expert.

Copy/Paste this string in a text editor.
Replace \" with ".
Save the file as xml and open it in FSB Pro.

Re: Mql upload

Thank you I had copy all the line 76 into Word and I had replaced all \" into ". and i saved it into xml file. Still doesnt work in FSB.

Obcject refference not set to and instance of an object.

Maybe  should save it from some exact point ?

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Re: Mql upload

You have to copy the string between the quotation marks instead of the whole line.

Word is not suitable for managing text files because it adds additional formatting code. Use Notepad or Notepad++.

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I'm sorry but i couldn made strategy from this 76 line, like you said.

But, I had manage with the problem thanks to this line.

I have copied line 76 from my MQL file to Word Pad, and then i found frases "<indicator name>, and I had separate them - thanks to this, I had easely found settings of my indicators in the strategy and i had rebuild it in FSB smile

Now i keep my XML's on the USB drive smile

Thanks a lot!

Re: Mql upload

Well done.

The problem is that the "human" text editors put additional formatting and FSB Pro cannot import the files. That's why I'm using Notepad++ or other "programming" editor. They manage the text as it is.