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Dear footon
could you build that indicator code
1- candle length in pips
2- candle ATR
3- Open and close positions example" open in the top 20% ,close in the 20% low"
4- candle makes new N-bars High or low

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Any idea about that indicator!!!!

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Be more specific. Draw many pictures, I like them and understand them better smile

3rd point I get, 4th too. What do you want to do with the first ones?

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example of candle length

candle length >50 pips & < 200 Pips
Candle ATR

The range of last candle is the biggest/smallest  in last N candles

Lets Have a combined scenario

last candle is : >100 pips & is the biggest candle in last 8 days & Both open and close  in the lowest 25 % of candle range & its the highest candle in last 60 bars

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hello footon
1st condition :

candle Body > Average N previous candle bodies

2nd condition :

candle body is the biggest range in the last N bars

could these conditions be an indicator!!!!