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Topic: newbie's strategies

I started this topic as a brand new user of FSB.
the main reason of this topic, to find people with the same thoughts, and any opinion are welcomed.
I was looking for strat. which would be similar to mine, but found this FSB-SW, i try to build my own.
hopefully i can improve from here....
all the best!

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Re: newbie's strategies

This strategy generates loss for me :-(

Re: newbie's strategies

yes, this is just the first tryings....
I want to remove this attachmnet, i don't know how...

Re: newbie's strategies

Have you tried gap trading? Its a relatively simple strategy for the market opening on sunday..

Re: newbie's strategies

nicoefrmiguel wrote:

expert advisor and autotrader like SPAM

Can you be more precise with the product you're promoting?

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Re: newbie's strategies

little adjust and test with dukascopy real data

FSB Config

Pair EURUSD 1hr
initial deposit 100 USD
leverage 1/500 

Result P/F = 3.94


Re: newbie's strategies