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Topic: EURUSD 15min Automate

I think this is a very profitable system. You can try it. But because is opening a lot of positions maybe is better to have at least 1000€ into account. It is a very simple but very useful and it is very profitable also on 100.000 bars.


Strategy name: Automate 15min 0,1%
Forex Strategy Builder v2.64.0.0
Exported on: 08.09.2011 15:04:35

Automatically generated on 07.09.2011 13:42.
Out of sample testing, percent of OOS bars: 10%
Balance: 3619,78 EUR (09.06.2011 19:15  Bar: 53048)

Market: EURUSD 15 Minutes
Spread in pips: 20,00
Swap Long in pips: 2,00
Swap Short in pips: -2,00
Commission per lot at opening and closing in pips: 0,00
Slippage in pips: 20

Use account % for margin round to whole lots
Maximum open lots: 20,00
Entry lots: 0,10% of the account for margin
Adding lots: 0,10% of the account for margin
Reducing lots: 0,10% of the account for margin

Intrabar scanning: Not accomplished
Interpolation method: Pessimistic scenario
Ambiguous bars: 38
Tested bars: 19833
Balance: 3201 pips (2615,08 USD)
Minimum account: 0 pips (300,00 USD)
Maximum drawdown: 412 pips (290,42 USD)
Time in position: 73 %

[Strategy Properties]
     A same direction signal - Adds to the position
     An opposite direction signal - Does nothing
     Permanent Stop Loss - 478
     Permanent Take Profit - None
     Break Even - 310

[Opening Point of the Position]
     Bollinger Bands
     Enter long at the Lower Band
     Smoothing method  -  Exponential
     Base price  -  Close
     MA period  -  164
     Multiplier  -  1,73
     Use previous bar value  -  Yes

[Closing Point of the Position]
     Week Closing
     Exit the market at the end of the week
     Base price  -  Close

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Re: EURUSD 15min Automate

I like this because it is using few indicators......

Did you generate this with FST....?

Re: EURUSD 15min Automate

Yes, with FSB. I'm trying all the time to have only simple strategies....

Re: EURUSD 15min Automate

Thanks very much for sharing this strategy.

Re: EURUSD 15min Automate

But on standard data feed from v2.64, for JPY, it will clear your account, am I right?